Mayor Ford’s Job Is to be an Ambassador for Toronto, Represent Toronto and Bring the Best Face of Toronto Forward to the World

Well bully boy, Mayor Rob Ford after months of lying…what is it with Conservatives and lying??…it is almost a requirement to be a liar in order to be a Conservative; anyway Rob Ford finally has admitted what everyone who has any sense of the man’s history knew was the case right from the start. Mayor Ford is a troubled man, a bully, but like most bullies, his behaviour is deeply rooted in his dysfunctional life.

But there is a chance for Mayor Ford to save himself and to blaze a trail for other substance abusers to follow…if he does the right thing and resigns to seek treatment Rob Ford will have performed his best feat while in public service. His actions will tell all other deniers that it is OK to get treatment.

What is it about Rob Ford? Well, he is a spoiled brat, son of privilege who grew up and became an unrelenting bully who has favoured cutting spending to programs designed to assist the poor and the needy. It is so easy for a wealthy man to advocate small government and deep spending cuts. It is easy for Mayor Ford with his hundreds of millions that he inherited from his father’s fortune can live with small government. Many of us do not have the luck of being born into such a wealthy family. We look to our services to help us

His daddy the late Doug Ford Snr. built up an empire in the fashion label industry called Deco Label which is worth about $100 million dollars a year in sales. .  Neither Rob or his equally ne’er do well older brother Doug Ford Jr. have actually done anything worthwhile in their lives that doesn’t involve Deco Labels.

It seems that the two Ford brothers spent their high school years hanging out with drug dealers and thugs like Lino Basso and Alessandro Lisi who are still possibly still supply the Mayor with drugs and or other nefarious services. Lisi has recently been charged with extortion as he tried to recover the tape that Ford said didn’t exist.

Ford wanted to be a professional football player but failed despite his daddy expending thousands, tens of thousands to send Robbie to a special training camp with the Washington Redskin. Actually love of NFL football is something the Mayor and I have in common. I too love football and played football for the Oakwood Collegiate Barons in the early 1970s. Ford went to Carelton University but he never finished his undergraduate degree.

He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Florida in 1999.In 2006 while he was a Councillor, he was drunk and disorderly at a Toronto Maple Leaf game and in a familiar pattern of lies and deceptions strenuously lied and denied he was even at the game. He attacked the Toronto Star for picking on him. But later in the week he fessed up…the media reports were right. Yes it was he and he apologized for his behaviour. After he was elected Mayor his behaviour changed for the worst…more and more reports of drunken excesses at the Garrison reception at Fort York; while strolling down Greektown during Taste of the Danforth and then infamous video of him smoking crack. Perhaps it is the unbearable pressure of being Mayor of Toronto. But Rob Ford has deteriorated and been embolden in his substance abuse. I believe Mayor can no longer effectively be the Mayor of Toronto. From my days studying municipal politics at York University I know that Toronto has a weak mayor system. That means the Mayor has only one vote and his leadership is based on his ability to work with council and lead by persuasion. The position is also largely ceremonial. The Mayor is the face and soul of Toronto. His prestige and reputation are vital for him or her to lead trade delegations, receive distinguished guests to Toronto and speak on behalf of the city at various national and international forums. Mayor Ford may be partially right that he was elected to do a job…cut government. In this he is a “one trick pony” that is his only schtick…but it is not his only duty as Mayor. If Rob Ford was to be given a job appraisal he would be found unfit to continue as Mayor. Ford cannot fulfill his role as Mayor as described above.

Help Mayor Rob Ford leave the office of Mayor with dignity, before the police come in the middle of the day and arrest him from breaking the Criminal Code of Canada….Please go to this site and urge Mayor Ford to resign and get help…

Here is what I said to Mayor Rob Ford in my email to the Mayor’s Office.
Hey Mayor Ford…. Check out this video by the Eagles who are playing in Toronto…I hope they play Lyin’ Eyes…because Mayor Ford you definitely have Lyin’ the right thing sir…resign get help take care of your own a company worth $100 Million dollars…you don’t need politics and we certainly don’t need your sullied the right thing leave go to rehab and maybe come back and run for MPP in Etobicrack Centre… I lived in Toronto for 52 years the last 10 at Tiffany Place on the corner of Wincott and Dixon. I was on the board of director of our condo board….we dealt with the crud of drug dealers in the four sisters across the street at 320, 340, 360 and 380 Dixon…I had no idea your pals were among the drug dealers who caused so much mayhem in my old Neigbourhood..who knew? and the dry cleaner at the Wincott Plaza?? I never would have guessed he was dealing dope too….so I do not have much respect for you as a politician and drug abuser/alcohol abuser..but as a human being I am ready to support and embrace your effort to do the right thing and resign and get treatment… you likely will be charged with a criminal offense because smoking crack cocaine is a violation of our Criminal Code. The police investigation may also uncover other crimes you may have committed during those envelope exchanges with Alessandro you want to be in office when that hammer comes down?…hey listen resign…come up north to Timmins…the air is good up here…there is a lot of natural beauty and some good rehab centres like Jubilee Centre and others…if you are interested here is an overview of the services the Jubilee Centre provides.

“Jubilee Centre Timmins, Ontario

Welcome to the website of the Jubilee Centre in Timmins, Ontario where we motivate optimal lifestyles. Our substance abuse & concurrent disorders treatment centre offers many programs and services with a strong focus on concurrent disorders.

The residential program is a 23 day long and is offered to clients sixteen years and older who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.

The day treatment is a community program which is approximately 16 days in length, spread over a 23 day period. This program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.

The maintenance program is held once a week for ten weeks. The program is open ended therefore clients can enter at any time. The program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who have completed a residential, day or any community treatment program.

The safe bed program is a short-term residential crisis support service which includes crisis support, case management, supportive housing and court support. This service is offerered to clients sixteen years and older who are developing unstable addictions, concurrent disorders, mental health symptoms (ie: relapse/crisis episode) who may also have come into conflict with the law.”

Mayor Ford I wish you would do the right thing…you can be a role model for many people out there who are struggling with similar substance abuse issues…you can get involved and be a proud leader of recovery and rehabilitation.

I will stand by you….and so will the community.

But if you keep on clinging to that disgraced mayor of San Diego you will humiliated unmercifully in public, on TV, on the web and in private discourse…thing of what all this is doing to your family…resign. Do the right thing.

Do the right..get help call the Jubilee Centre or some other rehab facility be a leader make a difference…

My prayers are with you Mayor Ford. May you go to rehab. Please, please do not follow the sad tragic path of the late Amy Winehouse who sang that she would never go to rehab….please Mayor Ford go to Rehab and make your family and Toronto proud of you.

Frank Giorno
formerly of Tiffany Place,11 Wincott Dr. #204 Etobicoke,Image Ontario
presently 18 Grant St. Timmins P0N 1G0