The Benefits of Being Late: The Christmas Bird Count and One Degree of Separation

DSC04999Today was Christmas Bird Counting Day in Timmins. As usual I woke up too late to join the others at 7:30 a.m. so I went out around 10 a.m. and drifted to the general location where they were to be counting that was a 24 area with Highway 101-Highway 655 being the centre point. I walked to that intersection and then headed along a snow mobile trail… I counted 8 crows…more, but I think they were the same old crows circle over the President’s Choice parking lot. I then walked up a trail and ended up at the home of a local doctor where I counted 4 chickadees at his feeder…could have been more his two dogs were barking at me and scared the little chickadees…the doctor came out and was quite friendly, he got his binoculars from the house and pointed out the pine grosbeak with its splendid red and black plumage.

And the a common redpoll…. smallish pudgy bird with a red splotch under its beak settled on the same tree a couple of branches below.DSC_0010

As it turned out the doctor’s daughter launched her book of photographs about Timmins at Timmins Voices…as I always say in Timmins there is one degree of separation. My photo of the pine grosbeak is the distant one…the excellent photos of the pine grosbeak and the common red poll are photos I took of the Audubon Bird Guide. Followed by some frosty photos of Timmins. The last photo is of the freshly painted Timmins Water Tower.



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