Revitalized Timmins Voices Features Jessica Trudel and the Premiere of the Timmins Song by Frank Giorno

A revitalized Timmins Voices will be re-launched at Christopher’s Coffee House in Timmins on Wed. January 14, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. featuring Jessica Trudel and the recording of the “Timmins Song” (Timmins’ I’m In).

I hope you can all come out to support Jessica and to join in the recording of the Timmins Song.


Jessica Trudel is a terrific writer and champion of the spoken word as the President of Porcupine Timmins Toastmasters.

Jessica Trudel is a terrific writer and champion of the spoken word as the President of Porcupine Timmins Toastmasters.

Jessica Trudel has been writing stories, poems and essays for as long as she can remember. As a child, she wanted to do a lot of things for a living: veterinarian, architect, photographer… but she always wanted to be a writer “on the side.” It never occurred to her that she could actually ever write for a living. She freelanced as a writer and editor for 10 years before opening her own business, Cursor Communications. Now, she is a professional writer, getting paid to write for a living. It’s been an incredible journey! Now, she’s going to share with you a few of the pieces she’s written along the way.

The Timmins Song could be used for a way of rallying the Timmins community and instill pride, enthusiasm and joy in residents who periodical go through the bumps of the boom and bust cycle that is part and parcel of a natural resource based economy. In the long term the song can also be used to attract visitors to Timmins…the way “I Love New York” was for New York State and New York City.

The newly painted and squeaky clean Timmins Water Tower

The newly painted and squeaky clean Timmins Water Tower

The First Stage is to record a spontaneous and joyous version at the launching of the Timmins Song at the re-launch of Timmins Voices. I have invited Mayor Black,Charlie Angus MP and Gilles Bisson MPP, Michael Doody senior councilor and others to join in. And I am Inviting YOU. The readers of a Northern Blog to come out lend us your voices and enthusiasm to make the recording that much more powerful. I have purchased a professional quality video camera and the final product will look so much sharper with you belting out the words to the Timmins Song.

The Second Phase will be to sing the song at a Timmins Council meeting in the Council Chamber. The Third phase will be to choose a date in June or July and encourage as many people in Timmins to meet at Hollinger Park so we can do a massive recording of people of Timmins en masse singing the Timmins Song…Have a mining company loan us a plane to fly over and video tape the mass of Timminites singing the Timmins I’m In Song affectionately called the Timmins Song.

The fourth phase will be to record Timmins Born celebrities to sing the chorus including: asking Shania Twain, Frank Mahovolich, Peter Mahovolich, Steve Sullivan, Derek the comedian fellow, the CEO of Goldcorp, the Grand Chiefs, etc.
The video production will show visuals of all of the many facets that make Timmins a great place to live and work.

Please be sure to attend the re-launching of Timmins Voices on Wednesday Jan.14 2015 at 7:30 Christopher’s Coffee House 35 Pine St. S. Our special guest will be Jessica Trudel. And we will record the Timmins Song that Jeff Baldock and I co-wrote. The song will be video recorded and we want everybody to join us at the front to sing the song while it is being recorded. It will be posted on Timmins Voices facebook, Timmins Voices Youtube..and my own youtube “Giornalisti channel”.

Here are the lyrics for ‘The Timmins Song’ by Giorno/Baldock (The GeeBees). Have Happy New Year…I will be back in Timmins Jan. 2.


I added a verse dealing with the physical attributes of Timmins: Kamaskotia Hill, Kidd CReek mine, McIntyre Head frame in Schumacher, South Porcupine, the Golden Dome mine. I felt this aspect was lacking in the original lyrics which strong on the spiritual. This version is better and all encompassing. Here is the Timmins Song

The McIntyre Mine Headframe in Schumacher

The McIntyre Mine Headframe in Schumacher

The Timmins Song Timmins I’m In) (c)
by Giorno/Baldock (copyright by Giorno and Baldock -“The GeeBees”)

Timmins, I’m In,
through thick and thin….
Together we’ll win!
Timmins I’m In
Are you in Timmins!
Timmins, I’m In

Let the goodtimes begin…
Through the snow and the wind…
Though it be 30 below.
Let your warm heart glow.

Together We Win…
Timmins I’m In
Through Thick and the Thin.
Timmins I’m In.

Through the good and the bad,
From the joyous to the sad…
The race is not to the swift
Nor the battle to the strong
Though the load it is heavy
Though the road it is long

Together we win
Timmins I’m In…
Together we win..
I’m in Timmins..
Through the thick and thin.

From the Hill of Kamaskotia
To the depths of Kidd Creek Mine
From the Schumacher Head Frame
To the South Porcupine
From the shine of the golden Dome
Timmins is my home

Timmins I’m In
Are you in Timmins?
Response: Alright…yea…
Rock on Timmins…
Together, Timmins We win..
We’re in Timmins

The City with a heart of Gold.
Despite the snow and the Cold.
Together we’ll win
Timmins We’re in
Together Timmins we win

Hope you print off a copy of the Timmins Song…gather with your friends and practice at home and then Join In the Revitalized Timmins Voices to cheer on Jessica Trudel and join in the recording of the premiere of the Timmins Song.

I’m In Timmins!


Happy New Years see you all on Friday January 2, 2015


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