Trump Tells the World : ” I’m A Loser, Baby – So Why Don’t You Kill Me”

Loser Daffy Donald Trump hanging out with another loser friend Mouamar Gadaffi. "I love you Mouamar, I will follow you into the Dark."

Loser Daffy Donald Trump hanging out with another loser friend the late Mouammar Gadaffi. Trump was heard to shout “I love you Mouammar, I will follow you into the Dark.”

Donald Trump just cannot stop courting controversy.

Today Trump the Frump declared and I quote ” I’m a loser, baby so why don’t you kill me…”

Many took this statement from Trump to mean that he wants members of the National Rifle Association to kill him too because he doesn’t want to be upstaged should anything happen to Hillary Clinton and she get a massive upsurge of sympathy in the polls. Trumps fear comes after he,Trump, the dumbest man in America,suggested that the NRA members had in their hands the means to stop Clinton thanks to the 2nd Amendment.

Shortly after Trumpy uttered his “I’m a Loser” statement, one time semi-famous rock star Beck issued a statement that Trumpo directly plagiarized Beck’s only recognizable tune “Loser “and he wanted the alleged billionaire Trumpenstein to pay him some royalties.

Trump’s wife Melania accepted responsibility for the plagiarism saying she can’t help her self. She loved the song and it stuck in her head and she honestly believed it was an original thought in her mind when she told her husband about it.

Coming only a day after he urged National Rifle Association members to assassinate his rival Hilary Clinton as the only way he could possibly win the upcoming Presidential election, Trump’s statement was extremely stupid but well within the standards of craziness he has employed throughout his bizarre campaign to become the first openly crazy man to be elected President.

Many Americans recall that three previous presidents, Lyndon Baines Johsnson, Richard Nixon and George W. Bush were certifiable but they kept their craziness closeted. Although LBJ once was seen only US national TV tormenting a couple of beagle pups by holding them up by their ears until they yelped. Like Trump, Nixon and George W. were Republicans. LBJ was a Democrat who today many believe orchestrated the assassination of JFK.


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