Trump’s hair is Un-American! Proof demanded of its origins!

Donald Trump on a bad hair day looking more his age.

Donald Trump on a bad hair day.

I think the people of the United States, indeed of the entire free world have a right to know if the next potential next President of the USA has real hair or if his hair is foreign in origin.

This is the start of the “Trump Hairist movement.”

I, for one, believe Trump’s hair is un-American.I don’t think it American at all. I suspect that Trump’s hair comes from a Parisian hair bank.

I challenge Mr. Trump to provide documentation to prove that his hair is American.

Let’s have the hair inspected at the Hair Club for Men or perhaps by a Blue Ribbon investigating committee consisting of hair replacement specialists.

Live TV coverage of the Hair Investigation Committee would be very American, and in keeping with the tradition stemming from the McCarthy Senate hearings, the Senate Select Committee on Watergate and the Iran-Contra hearings.

Come on! No 74 year old man has the hair of a young pony...fess up Trump where do you buy your hair! Show us your receipt to prove it is American!

Come on! No 74 year-old man has the hair of a young pony…fess up Trump where do you buy your hair? Show us your receipt to prove it is American!

In an article from Men’s Health Magazine Donald’s hair was analyzed by a Los Angeles dermatologist.

“Dr. Paul McAndrews, a dermatologist in Los Angeles who specializes in hair restoration, can think of three other reasons why a man might choose a comb over: “To hide baldness, to hide a bad transplant, or to hide a flap surgery scar.”

That third option— flap surgery scar—is the rumor that’s gotten the most traction. This surgery involves cutting away the bald parts of the scalp—as in, actually removing large chunks of skin on your head—and then stretching and sewing together the skin that’s still producing hair.”

If it sounds Frankenstein Monster-esque, that’s because it is.”

Where did that boyish head of hair come from? America has a right to know!

Where did that boyish head of hair come from? America has a right to know!

The Men’s Health article goes on to say that, in 1993, Trump verbally and physically abused his then wife, Ivana Trump, over a failed flap surgery operation.

The article cites “The Lost Tycoon: the Many Lives of Donald J. Trump” (1993), an unauthorized biography. In the book, Trump berates Ivana for recommending a plastic surgeon, who apparently, botched it.

According to the Men’s Health article, the book quotes Trump as screaming, “Your fucking doctor has ruined me!” prior to grabbing her hair and pulling out handfuls of Ivana’s hair.”

According to Men’s Health Magazine, Trump denied the allegations and steadfastly has said this is untrue.

Gawker, the online news agency, that uncovered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s cracking smoking ways, and his friendship with a basket of Canadian deplorables, has another theory about the origin’s of Donald Trump’s hair.

Gawker, in a posting dated May 24, 2016, by reporter Ashley Fineberg,said it received a tip from a tipster, who is as mysterious as Trump is bombastic.

This unidentified tipster, says he knows for a fact, that the source of Donald Trump’s illustrious hair is Paris-based Ivari.

Ivari uses a technique called microcylinder hair replacement and selected strands from its own Paris-based hair bank to give Donald that look.

From Ivari’s own web page, I have obtained this description of the microcylinder hair replacement system.

“This famous researcher (Edward Ivari) has dedicated his life to bringing solutions to hair loss and offers avant garde techniques, patented world-wide: the MICROCYLINDER and the I.D.M.P. allowing partial or total hair reconstitution, using 100% natural hair from the Ivari Hair Bank.

Edward Ivari proceeds with care as a stylist of haute couture and each intervention is a work of art. His unique technique allows you to recover the entirety of your hair in approximately 18 hours.”

I for one believe it is the Ivari system that Donald Trump uses.

I call on Mr. Trump to release immediately information on where his hair, obtained from the Ivari Hair Bank in Paris, originates.

And why does Mr. Trump have to go all the way to Paris? Isn’t good old American hair replacement technology good enough? How can he make “America Great Again”, if he doesn’t trust domestic hair replacement technology.

I call on Mr. Trump to release documents on the origin of his hair! America needs to know if its possible future president is wearing foreign grown hair.

Come clean Mr. Trump. Provide documentation of the origin of your hair. Now.