Clinton Wins! But Still Loses – FBI Steals Election for Trump


Folks it ain’t all that bad!

Consider – look beyond the rigged political system to see this – Hillary Clinton won the popular vote 48 to 47 present over Donald Trump.

The Democrats gained several seats in the Senate and now have 48 seats to the Republicans 51. Keep this in mind, not all those 51 Republican Senators are not Trump lackeys.

The arrogant Mr. Trump should keep this mind Job 1:21 – ” The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. ”

His razor thin win/loss does not give him carte blanche to implement a radical and careless amputation of Obama’s policies.

The outcome in the American election was way closer than the Brexit referendum – another instance when white supremacist and nativist reaction ruled the day in Britain as they voted in favour of leaving the European community.

How closer can it be? Clinton won. 48 percent. The system is rigged in favour of the Republicans who for the second time in the last 16 years gain the presidency with less votes than the Democrats.

And this is why before Obama leaves office he must order an investigation into FBIgate. The unbelievable and blatant dirty trick that stole the election from Hillary Clinton.fbi_comey-0dc08

What James Covey the FBI director did and the apparent pro-Trump FBI faction in New York City did is far more serious and then any thing Hillary Clinton’s emails have done.

The Department of Justice should find out who the rogue FBI pro-Trump faction consist of and fire them. They should look to see if Trump provided them with any perks and inducements such as free access to his golf courses.

According to Politico, James Kallstrom is the former FBI agent and pro-Trump supporter who claims he is channelling current FBI outrage over the mishandling of the Clinton emails. According to Politico Kallstrom who has openly endorsed Trump has spoken to FBI agents who are active in the Clinton email investigation.

Is Kallstrom the conduit for FBI leakers in the eye of the storm created by Comey’s questionable actions? Which active FBI agents did Kallstrom speak to gain access to  confidential information about the Anthony Weiner investigation and linked it to Clinton’s email scandal?

The role of Rudolf Giuliani should also be investigated in this Trump rump in the FBI in NY city. As former the former senior District Attorney for the NY area and also as Mayor of NY City Giuliani no doubt developed and cultivated close relations with the FBI…and now Giuliani will become the next Attorney General of the US.


According to the Daily Beast, Giuliani two days prior to the Comey announcement told Fox News

“I think he’s [Donald Trump] got a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next few days. I mean, I’m talking about some pretty big surprises.”

Pressed for specifics, he said: “We’ve got a couple of things up our sleeve that should turn this thing around.”

There is urgency in conducting an investigation before inauguration because when Rudolf Giuliani becomes Attorney General the cover up will begin with forensic completeness.

I hope Political Scientists study the impact that this bold and illegal move by the FBI had on stealing this election.

I have no doubt that Comey’s actions turned enough luke-warm Clinton supporters off and they didn’t vote. That was enough to steal the election in Trump’s favour.

Hillary and her association to Bill Clinton ultimately sunk her as did her stupidity in going to a private email server…what was the woman thinking of?

Has she ever explained why she breached government protocol of using government computer and email systems. That is the most puzzling question I have in my mind.

However, in her defense, we have seen with Wikileaks and the Russian hacking of government computers, no system is safe.

In many regards the Clinton emails are a red herring.

Over the years unfortunatel Hillary Clinton has developed as many enemies as the precocious Mr. Bill.

In future the Democratic Party should cleanse themselves of Clintonism…please do not select Chelsea Clinton ever, ever as a Democratic party candidate for President.


The FBI theft of the election on behalf of Donald Trump is way more corrupt than JFK and Cook County vote in 1960.

What this tells the World is that a rogue element within the FBI can dictate who the next president of the US will be.

I don’t want to get conspiratorial with ya, but it does give credence to the theory that rogue elements in the CIA ( E.Howard Hunt, Gordon Liddy and others) may have assassinated JFK.

As I recall the day before the FBI coup, Clinton was leading the polls by an 8 percent lead on the basis of Trumps “pussy” remarks.


Within hours of  Comey’s statements support in the polls for Clinton plummeted and she never recovered completely. But it also didn’t completely collapse.

I mean she did win the plurality of votes 48% to 47% for Trump so her support didn’t completely vanish.

But enough people who would have voted for Clinton probably stayed away to steal the election for Trump because Comey’s perfidy may have confirmed that she was corrupt after all.

But the system is rigged and needs reform so that the candidate that wins the popular vote becomes the president…that is democracy.

Consider, where as a Republican can win with 47% a Democratic candidate must get a least 50% of the popular vote to overcome the rigged system.

This means one vote for the Republican Candidate is worth more than one vote for the Democratic Candidate.

This fact gives lie to the American democratic principle of one man one vote. Some votes have greater weight than others.

Americans fight each election as if it’s the continuation of the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

In 2008 the sons of the emancipation proclamation and the civil rights act of 1964 won and elected the first ever Black American president.

In the outcome of this election the sons of the Confederacy and Jim Crow coalition won the election after eight years of Obama, the first black president of the United States.

All right so White Supremacy coalition wins, but the trends are not good for the KKK and the David Duke’s of America in the future. The majority of Americans repudiated Donald Trump’s bellicose racist, misogynistic , anti-Latino, anti-semitic and anti-Muslim message. The ridiculous anti-Democratic Electoral College system shut out the true winner of the American election.


The Confederacy and Jim Crow Coalition will be crushed in 2020.

Just do the world a favour Democrats – nominate a better candidate who will get people motivated to get out and vote despite all the dirty tricks and voter suppression tactics employed by the Republicans.


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