Reagan and George W. are responsible for more deaths of Americans than Hillary Clinton’s emails by Frank Giorno: A Northern Blog – The world seen through northern eyes

The biggest hoax in American “truthiness” spread by Republican lies is this – that Hillary Clinton’s careless emails are deadly and have caused the loss of American lives.

That is absolute nonsense.

Even if you can stretch the truth and say some of the deaths in Libya may possibly, remotely be connected to her carelessness, that pales in comparison to Ronald Reagan’s record. Or George W. Bush’s record of carelessness.

In 1982, 282 American soldiers died under Ronald Reagan’s watch when a truck bomb slammed through the front gates of a US military in Lebanon.

Reagan failed to provided even the most cursory defense of the U.S. base during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

But the Democrats didn’t vilify Reagan. They were Americans First and stood by the country.

On September 11, a month after FBI agents warned George W. Bush that Saudi citizens in Minnesota at a flight school were only interested in take offs and didn’t show up for the landing portion of the course.

Bush did nothing. Well, he played golf and was on vacation in August 2001.

Several of the flight students slammed the jet into the World Trade Buildings.

The Democrats stood by the Republican president because they put America first.

Hillary Clinton who was the Democratic Senator for NY state worked hard to get funds to pay for the care the family of the killed firefighters, she worked closely with Rudolf Giuliani, then the Mayor of NY to get US government funds to reconstruct the devastated city.

The Republicans are anti-Americans because they put their party before the USA.

They have blown Hillary Clinton’s emails way out of the ball park of TRUTH and the AMERICAN WAY.

The media is complicit through their incompetence and  by not giving context and examining the truth.Their “objectivity” which as a graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism, I know to really be laziness, leads one to believe that there is something there there when there isn’t.

I.F. Stone where are you when we need you…we can use an I.F. Stones Weekly now more than ever.

Reagan and Bush killed way more Americans than Clinton and Obama. do the math.


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