Great U.S. Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt was a Great U.S. President – He Knew How To Run A Country


FDR showed that great personal sacrifice and unselfishness are important characteristics of that a president of the United States must have to lead the nation.

During this time of great tumult, hatred and division, let’s cheer a truly great American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

During the 1930’s,  when the United States faced its great struggle with the Depression, it was blessed with a great President -Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Roosevelt  was a very wealthy man, But his far-reaching, generous policy and concern for the well being of America’s middle and working class led to the creation of some of the greatest public works projects ever undertaking to create jobs –  e.g. The Tennessee Valley Authority, a hydro-electric project that created jobs and also extended electrification to remote parts of the US.

FDR had great advisers and he listened to them. He sacrificed the narrow interests of the plutocracy of which the Roosevelt family stood. Theodore Roosevelt, a president in the early years of the 20th century was a cousin, to really benefit and improve the lives of the less financially well off.

For a history of he Roosevelt family please click here

FDR was the first president to use the First 100 days as a measure for how well he was helping the Nation. And he did plenty. His policies to help Americans cope with the Great Depression is known as The New Deal

FDR’s   National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), Works Public Administration (WPA) and National Relief Administration (NRA), the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), the Social Security Act,  and a number of other progressive measures  helped millions and millions of Americans survive the Great Depression.

For a history of FDR’s New Deal click here:

FDR embodied the spirit of sacrifice and unity. For those who planned to profit from the people’s misery, FDR had this to say:

“The forces of ‘organized money’ are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”

He went on: “I should like to have it said of my first Administration that in it the forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match, [and] I should like to have it said of my second Administration that in it these forces have met their master.”

In his second term a much more aggressive fight against the people who were profiting from the Depression-era troubles of ordinary.

FDR at the mikes

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a great leader, a great US president who despite personal suffering helped improve the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans

It is not hard to see why FDR won an unprecedented 4 terms as US president. A feat that will never again be accomplished because of term limits imposed by Congress after FDR’s death. Presidents may now only serve 2 terms.

His measures have been attacked by the neanderthal Conservative Democrats and Republicans have been railing against for over 80 years.

You see, to be a great President or champion of the working class you don’t have to be from the working class.

You just have to stand by your personal principles of unselfish caring for your neighbours and taking measures to help them, instead of fooling them to vote for you and then abandoning them only to enrich your own pockets.

In fact some of the greatest enemies of the working class and middle class have themselves come out of the middle and working class..e.g. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini to name two.

Hitler was a loser who failed at everything he tried.

Mussolini was a bombastic idiot, who instead of following policies steeped in reality to help the Italian nation, he was obsessed with childhood fantasies of rebuilding the Roman Empire.

Let’s Cheer the Great Franklin Roosevelt ! And remember a truly great American President.

A man who showed that disabilities, he was wheel chair bound due to polio, need not be a hindrance to being great.

Also lets recognize that it was under FDR, the first seedlings of the civil rights movement were planted with such historical events as Marion Anderson’s Lincoln Memorial Concert, the first time a black performer sang on the Washington Mall.

That generation produced some great music. Here is Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land sung by Peter Seeger and Bruce Springsteen in 2010.

Perhaps current political leaders should listen to the hopes and dreams of this inclusively themed song, instead of spewing hatred, bigotry and division.


Political Humour: Donald Trump repeats the craziness that was Senator Joe McCarthy – the historical facts by Frank Giorno

Great thoughts by a not so great man.

History repeats itself we know that right?


Donald Trump is the heir to the craziness of Senator Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunts.  

But how intertwined are the craziness of the Senator Joe McCarthy Communist Witch Hunt of the 1950’s and The idiot President Donald Trump’s crazed claims about Obama?

Fact no. 1

McCarthy claimed he had a list with the names of 50 senior State Department Officials were members of the Communist Party of America. — House and Senate Hearings proved McCarthy did not have such a list and could not name any communist party members who worked in the State Department.

Fact no. 2

A young, evil lawyer named Roy Cohn was Senator



! Trump Roy Cohn Barbara Walters, a long time Trump friend.

Roy Cohn (left) was lawyer for Senator Joe McCarthy and Donald J. Trump (right). Oh the woman in the middle? Babwa Wawa aka Barbara Walters, omnipresent media doyen of the past 50 years!

McCarthy’s diabolical legal counsel — a 1950s version of Steve Bannon.

Fact no. 3

An old decrepit Roy Cohn was the mentor, and lawyer to a cocky arrogant developer from New York named Donald J. Trump.

Trump was taught his attack dog tactics from Cohn, who employed them on behalf of the doomed Senator McCarthy during the 1950s.

McCarthy died of a heart attack in 1957, a broken man after he was censured, and rebuked by the Senate.

Fact no. 4

Donald Trump, having learned McCarthy tactics from the evil Roy Cohn, in the 1970s and 1980s, prior to Cohn dying of AIDS in 1986. Cohn was a deeply closeted gay man who was virulently anti-gay.

Like Joe McCarthy, Donald Trump used the media to spread lies and falsehoods against President Obama.  Trump spread mass innuendo that President Obama was not an American Citizen.

President Obama showed the entire world his Hawaiian birth certificate. Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. Despite the release of this information by President Obama in 2010, Trump refused to give up the false claim, until September, 2016 and he never apologized.

Fact no. 5

Again, like McCarthy’s false claim about communists in the state department, Trump said President Obama wiretapped him.

Live broadcasts of the McCarthy House and Senate Hearings on TV showed how crazed and reckless McCarthy was acting. Investigations showed there were no communists in the state department not one, let alone the 50 claimed by McCarthy with Cohn’s help.

On March 20, 2017, the House Investigation Committee testimony of FBI director James Comey, showed there was no evidence of President Obama wiretapping Trump Towers as  claimed by the delusional McCarthyite – Donald Trump.

In true counter attack mode to divert from his own sleazy relations with Russia, Trump  actually charged Obama with using McCarthy tactics and wiretapping him. First, McCarthy never wiretapped anyone! Wire tapping was not on McCarthy’s menu of dirty tricks.

Obama has no connections to the McCarthy legacy, but Trump does. Roy Cohn is the glue that bonds Trump and McCarthy – together.

Trump is the rightful successor to one of Americans truly evil men – Joe McCarthy.

Fact No. 6

Sean Spicer, Trump communications spokesperson, accuses  British secret services of actually doing the wiretapping , so that Obama’s finger prints would not be on the wiretapping.

WRONG AGAIN! No evidence of that either.


Will Trump die of a heart attack as did McCarthy in 1957 after being exposed as a fraud?

No, a man like Trump, who in his budget, heartlessly chops school lunch programs and meals on wheels for the seniors and disabled, while he forces taxpayers to pick up the exorbitant tab for his Mar-a -Wacko golf get a-ways, obviously has no heart, and therefore cannot die of a heart attack.

Donald 1

Donald Trump who forces Americans to pay for his expensive golfing weekends at Mar-A-Lago heartlessly chopped from his budget, school lunch programs and meals on wheels.

Was Donald Trump in Fact Wiretapped?

Yes. Trump was wiretapped.

It was Melania who wiretapped him, after she learned he had been having those golden showers again with Moscow prostitutes courtesy of his good friend Vladimir Putin.






They’re coming to take the President away…haha…heehee…to the funny farm

Donald J. Trump is a paranoid, who hallucinates nonsense and then tweets his delusions to the world.

The birther nonsense in which he falsely accused former President Obama of being born in Kenya, when in fact the records clearly show Obama was born in Hawaii, which last time I checked was a state in the United States of America.

Donald 1

A clearly unhinged President Donald J. Trump tells the world via a post midnight sleep deprived tweet that Obama bugged his phones. He is mad I tell you…completely kookoo.  

More recently, Trump claimed that 3 million illegal aliens voted against him and that is why he didn’t win the popular vote.

He clearly was angered that his claims to the greatest electoral victory in US history actually ranked 46 out of 54 elections.

He deluded himself into thinking that the crowd at his inaugural was “yuge”, the largest ever and lashed out at the media when they showed that Obama’s first inaugural was actually “yuger” as was the Women’s protest the following Saturday.

Now he has gone completely beyond the pale into absolutely, weird territory and perpetrated the greatest outrage by a sitting President against his predecessor.

Trump announced earlier this week in one of his frequent sleep deprived, midnight tweets that President Obama wiretapped his phones at the Trump Tower.

Trump had absolutely no evidence but the rantings of Breitbart and other wingnuts of the alt.right movement. More importantly the Hallucinator in Chief clearly had no idea how difficult it is to obtain a court ordered wire tap. I guess he shoulda attended his intelligence briefings prior to being sworn in.

Wrecking Ball Trump

I came in like a wrecking ball All I wanted was to build more walls

This latest hallucination clearly shows that man is a danger to himself and the nation. So why not fill out a community committal order at the local D.C. Mental Health Hospital.

“Mr. President, I regret to inform you that they are coming to take you away – those nice young men in their nice white coats. With the butterfly nets. They are at the door sir.”

“They are coming to take you away sir. They have the white straight jackets ready.”

“Should I inform Melania and the kids?”

Doing the Wire Tappin With You:Crazy new dance sensation inspired by Trump’s braggadocios claim he was wire tapped by Obama

deplorabes_sexThe audacity of bold lies by Donald Trump never ends.

He learned from the best, the discredited human, Roy Cohn, who infamously was the counsel to the maniacal Senator Joe McCarthy of the communist witch hunt fame, prior to taking Trump under his wings.

Cohn taught Trump that when you are under attack, you counter attack with all you got, even if all you got is nothing but lies, big lies and damned lies.

Like Old Joe McCarthy boldly stating he had a list of 50 communists employed in the state department…never were. Big Lie…Next time use a number like 47. More believable than 50.


Donald Trump, admires Adolf Hitler. Notice the Hitlerian influence on Trump. Here is Trump’s open mouth yelling of his hateful messages..Just like Adolph Hitler’s open mouth yelling.

So Trump has been caught with his pants down on the Russian collusion deal to steal the US election. No problem. Accuse Barack Obama of wire tapping your phone. No proof ?

It doesn’t matter there are enough suckers in the USA that at least 37 percent may believe you.

So without further adieu, or is it ado?Let’s have some fun get on the dance floor, and move to this crazy new Trump inspired dance sensation called the Wire Tappin. Enjoy.

Do the Wire Tappin

by Frank “Twinkle Toes” Giorno

I wire tap you
And you wire tap me
Pick up the phone
And I know I am not alone
Steal my dirty secrets
And I steal your slimy plan
And Spin your partner, dip
And hold her/him with your hand.
Wire tappin
Wire tappin
Finger snappin
Thigh slappin
I’m Wire tappin
With you and you and you
You get down on your knees
Plant the bug on the rug
Jump and count to three
Double kick
I just give the cord a dug
I am happy as slug
I just inserted a listening device
I think it will suffice
And your looking awfully nice
Wire tappin
Wire tappin
Finger snapping
Thigh slappin
I’m Doing the Wire Tappin
With you and you and you
You pull my wire
I pull your string
You call your lawyer
There’s just one thing
I caught you plotting with the Russians
Illegal Aliens in your kitchen
Just shutup and stop your crazy bitchin
Please stop your whining
And shake your hips
Give that blonde rug a flip
You are such bloody hipocrite
But I can’t stop loving you
What else can I do
When I am wire tappin with you and you and you
Wire tappin
Wire tappin
Finger snapping
Thigh slappin
I love doing the Wire Tappin
With you and you and you!



Where did that boyish head of hair come from? America has a right to know!

Let’s face it Donald Trump is lying again. He lies all the time. He can’t stop. He is addicted to lying. He loves. He adores it.

Henry Rollins, the great sage musician of the 1980s and 1990s knows exactly why Donald Trump lies. HR understand the seductive power of the lie.

Listen as Henry Rollins predicts the US’s fascination with lyin’.

Art form that their idiot President has elevated to an art form.

Here is Henry Rollins with his classic song “Liar”.