Political Humour: Donald Trump repeats the craziness that was Senator Joe McCarthy – the historical facts by Frank Giorno

Great thoughts by a not so great man.

History repeats itself we know that right?


Donald Trump is the heir to the craziness of Senator Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunts.  

But how intertwined are the craziness of the Senator Joe McCarthy Communist Witch Hunt of the 1950’s and The idiot President Donald Trump’s crazed claims about Obama?

Fact no. 1

McCarthy claimed he had a list with the names of 50 senior State Department Officials were members of the Communist Party of America. — House and Senate Hearings proved McCarthy did not have such a list and could not name any communist party members who worked in the State Department.

Fact no. 2

A young, evil lawyer named Roy Cohn was Senator



! Trump Roy Cohn Barbara Walters, a long time Trump friend.

Roy Cohn (left) was lawyer for Senator Joe McCarthy and Donald J. Trump (right). Oh the woman in the middle? Babwa Wawa aka Barbara Walters, omnipresent media doyen of the past 50 years!

McCarthy’s diabolical legal counsel — a 1950s version of Steve Bannon.

Fact no. 3

An old decrepit Roy Cohn was the mentor, and lawyer to a cocky arrogant developer from New York named Donald J. Trump.

Trump was taught his attack dog tactics from Cohn, who employed them on behalf of the doomed Senator McCarthy during the 1950s.

McCarthy died of a heart attack in 1957, a broken man after he was censured, and rebuked by the Senate.

Fact no. 4

Donald Trump, having learned McCarthy tactics from the evil Roy Cohn, in the 1970s and 1980s, prior to Cohn dying of AIDS in 1986. Cohn was a deeply closeted gay man who was virulently anti-gay.

Like Joe McCarthy, Donald Trump used the media to spread lies and falsehoods against President Obama.  Trump spread mass innuendo that President Obama was not an American Citizen.

President Obama showed the entire world his Hawaiian birth certificate. Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. Despite the release of this information by President Obama in 2010, Trump refused to give up the false claim, until September, 2016 and he never apologized.

Fact no. 5

Again, like McCarthy’s false claim about communists in the state department, Trump said President Obama wiretapped him.

Live broadcasts of the McCarthy House and Senate Hearings on TV showed how crazed and reckless McCarthy was acting. Investigations showed there were no communists in the state department not one, let alone the 50 claimed by McCarthy with Cohn’s help.

On March 20, 2017, the House Investigation Committee testimony of FBI director James Comey, showed there was no evidence of President Obama wiretapping Trump Towers as  claimed by the delusional McCarthyite – Donald Trump.

In true counter attack mode to divert from his own sleazy relations with Russia, Trump  actually charged Obama with using McCarthy tactics and wiretapping him. First, McCarthy never wiretapped anyone! Wire tapping was not on McCarthy’s menu of dirty tricks.

Obama has no connections to the McCarthy legacy, but Trump does. Roy Cohn is the glue that bonds Trump and McCarthy – together.

Trump is the rightful successor to one of Americans truly evil men – Joe McCarthy.

Fact No. 6

Sean Spicer, Trump communications spokesperson, accuses  British secret services of actually doing the wiretapping , so that Obama’s finger prints would not be on the wiretapping.

WRONG AGAIN! No evidence of that either.


Will Trump die of a heart attack as did McCarthy in 1957 after being exposed as a fraud?

No, a man like Trump, who in his budget, heartlessly chops school lunch programs and meals on wheels for the seniors and disabled, while he forces taxpayers to pick up the exorbitant tab for his Mar-a -Wacko golf get a-ways, obviously has no heart, and therefore cannot die of a heart attack.

Donald 1

Donald Trump who forces Americans to pay for his expensive golfing weekends at Mar-A-Lago heartlessly chopped from his budget, school lunch programs and meals on wheels.

Was Donald Trump in Fact Wiretapped?

Yes. Trump was wiretapped.

It was Melania who wiretapped him, after she learned he had been having those golden showers again with Moscow prostitutes courtesy of his good friend Vladimir Putin.







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