Timmins police manhandle aboriginal woman for being outside enjoying the day

Timmins Police officer slaps handcuffs on an aboriginal woman who just wanted to get some fresh air. Photo by Frank Giorno TheONEONLINE.CA

Timmins Police manhandled a young aboriginal woman around 7 p.m. Sunday April 15, 2018 by the Timmins Fire Department Parking Lot on the corner of Second Ave. and Cedar St. S.

Apparently, the woman was under house arrest and a draconian judge and prosecutor asked that she be under house arrest and not be permitted to go outside. This is a draconian sentence and verges on cruel and unusual punishment. Possible violates her rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedom. I called the OPP to come and investigate the TPS Police manhandling of Marie from Moosonee. A Constable Johnson said he would go down to the TPS office and see how the woman was doing but he never reported back to me.

In this day and age with technology such as ankle monitors you kinda wonder what idiot prosecutor and foolish judge sentence a young person to house arrest where they can’t get fresh air. I mean even prisoners in solitary confinement are allowed to go outside and get exercise by walking and inhale the fresh air.

Unmoved by the young aboriginal woman’s plea to let her go unreasonable Timmins Police man slaps handcuffs on her and bundles her into the back seat of the car and arraignment at TPS headquarters. The sensible thing would have been to apply the spirit of the law and drive the woman home, instead these two insensitive officers unnecessarily re-criminalized this young person. Photo by Frank Giorno TheOneOnLine.ca

TPS policy makes no sense at all. As 63 year old father of a 30 year old daughter and 28 year old son, I would have driven the young woman home instead of re-criminalizing for a very minor, minor and from her point of view completely understandable desire to walk outside.

Timmins Police has been having major issues dealing with indigenous people. Two months ago two aboriginal people died in Timmins on the same weekend on February 27 at the the hands of Timmins Police. Joey Knapaysweet 21, Fort Albany, was shot to death on the shore of Gillies Lake. After being shot his body was dragged on the snow according to witness from the nearby homes who saw the killing of Joey Knapysweet and that was reported on by the Timmins Daily Press.

That same weekend Agnes Sutherland,62, also of Fort Albany, died after she was manhandled by Timmins Police after she was removed from a shelter in Timmins…the rough handling of the frail Sutherland, who was placed in a holding cell where she died, likely was responsible for Agnes Sutherland’s death.

The Province’s Special Investigation Unit is conducting an investigation into the circumstances of these two unnecessary deaths by members of the Aboriginal community while interacting with TPS.

Mario Wesley was stabbed to death in a house on Windsor Ave on July 28, 2014 and Timmins Police still have no clue as to who murdered Mario Wesley. Photo by Frank Giorno TheOneOnline.ca

Mario Wesley, a gifted sculptor, from Moosonee was murdered in July 28, 2014 his murder still has not been solved by TPS. Therese L’Abbe was murdered in 1989 and the crime was never solved. There are about 6 aboriginal women whose murders were never solved by Timmins Police.

Timmins police handcuff and led young aboriginal woman into the back seat for a drive to TPS headquarters where she will charged for simply wanting to take a walk in the late afternoon air. Photo by Frank Giorno TheOneOnLine.Ca

There needs to be better training for police, especially for those that work in Northern Communities where future police officers grow up in a contaminated community filled with hatred and disdain for indigenous people…young men and women who are filled with these hateful , racist views should never be allowed to serve. A psychological screening test to identify bad apples and filter them out should be developed and applied.

NOTICE: Readers who have returned to this page since the original posting may notice that the original 7 minute video has been reduced to 1 minute and 35 seconds.

The reason for this is that several individuals including His Worship Steve Black, Mayor of Timmins and a person who is in the Aboriginal community asked that I remove names of people in the video including one of the very young policeman.

I have listen to Mayor Black and the other individual and removed the names, consequently the recording is now only 1 minute and 35 seconds.

The recording actually benefits from the editing as there was a lot of just standing around after the police cornered the young woman in the Fire Department parking lot and the more concise focus on the actual handcuffing and apprehension portion makes for a quicker understanding of the situation rather than wading through 6 minutes of waiting and inactivity.

Timmins Police Response to my blog: Since the posting of my video recording I have received a rather threatening email from Mr. Marc Depatie, the acting communications coordinator and the Timmins and Area CrimeStoppers coordinator.

Mr.Depatie, I am not intimidated by your malicious language.

He on behalf of the TPS board I guess has accused me of inflammatory writing.

I disagree with this assessment. I quote John the Apostle 8:7 I believe THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

Please stop being in denial Mr. Depatie, accept the truth as it is only with the clear view of the truthful situation that the community can heal and move forward to reconciliation.

Denying the truth and finding against media will only prolong this very sad, unfortunate situation that TPS is solely responsible for by its unwise actions.

I do hope that Mr. Depatie and the TPS Police force have the courage to accept the truth of the rapidly deteriorating relations with our First Nations People. I note that in the aftermath of the the twin deaths on February 27, 2018 of Joey Knapysweet, 21 and Agnes Sutherland, 62 that members of the Mattagami First Nations and members of the public protested the apparent mishandling of the two situations. Former Chief Walter Naveau was one of the leaders. I also note that in media articles Alvin Fiddler the Grand Chief of Nishnawbe Aski Nation said he was concerned about the two unexplained deaths of Knapysweet and Sutherland.

Should Mayor Black, Police Chief John Gauthier and Mr. Depatie wish to meet with me I will be pleased to interview them and write about their point of views and post them on either http://www.anorthernblog.wordpress.com or http://www.theoneonline.ca or both.

Healing through acceptance of the Truth and Open Dialogue:
It is important to foster a community dialogue in an open and frank discussion and not one where the powers that be are more concerned about protecting Timmins for negative publicity.

It’s too late for that, the moment the officer pulled the trigger and the moment the officers allegedly mistreated Agnes Sutherland until she died in a holding cell, the story was out in the Timmins Daily Press, TimminsToday.com, The Toronto Star.

My story adds a slightly different perspective…it is not only the major events like two unexplained deaths that are harming Police-Aboriginal Relations. But it is also the banal, small, picayune, everyday minor encounters between the courts, the judicial system and Timmins Police that are problematic.

Let’s work together to heal this community.


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