The Miracle on Third Avenue: Karina and Mits Rescue Bucovetsky’s Christmas Model by Frank Giorno

Today I was crossing Pine St. South and Second Avenue when I noticed Karina Douglas and Mits Takayesu caring a large bundle down the street each holding one end. At first I thought it was a microwave oven. But it turned out to be much more important than that.

What Karina and Mits were carrying on a cold, snowy day in Timmins was the much beloved Christmas Display Model from the Old Bucovetsky store. The present owners Tweed and Hickory are closing the store after Christmas and everything is up for sale including the three pieces that constituted the elements of its Christmas window for much of the 20th century and the first two decades of this century.

I was flabbergasted! I mean I had only a couple of days ago written about one of the grand old Christmas traditions in Timmins being a visit to see Bucovetsky’s Christmas window in a previous A Northern Blog. And here were Karina and Mits rescuing this valued piece of Timmins heritage. They were on their way to the Timmins Public Library where Karina works at the reference desk. I offered my helping hand and the three of us carried the Bucovetsky Christmas model along Second Ave. Across Spruce St. S. past the old ONR parking lot to the library where Karina and Mits quickly placed it on the display case next to the Shania Twain costume exhibit (alas another rescue job from the now closed Shania Twain Centre).

For all those in Timmins who want to continue the tradition of looking at the Bucovetsky Christmas window you can do so — at the Timmins Public Library until January 5, 2015.

Bucovetsky1But there is more, according to Karina there are still two more pieces of the old Bucovetsky Store Christmas window available. Karina informs the centre piece took 1,000 hours of loving devotion to complete by the crafts people who built it. It is priced at $600.

The third piece is also exquisitely constructed. Karina says it costs $400. The two combined would cost $1,000. Now that is a fair chunk of coin. But imagine…just imagine a true miracle. You know the one where you wake up and read in the Timmins Daily Press that some anonymous philanthropist secretly purchased the two remaining pieces of the Bucovetsky Christmas window and donated it to the Library or the museum to complete the set.

De Beers? Goldcorp? How about Lake Shore Gold who recently hired former Timmins Mayor Tom Laughren to be its Director of Corporate Responsibility. Maybe miracles do happen. For certain they do– thanks to Karina and Mits- the Miracle of Third Avenue happened. Don’t believe me? Go to the Timmins Public Library and see for yourself.

And if Karina and Mits can perform this great Christmas miracle for Timmins, just imagine what De Beers, Goldcorp and Lake Shore Gold can do – by rescuing the two other pieces of Timmins’ beloved Bucovetsky Christmas display.

Mits by the way is the principal bassoonist with the Timmins Symphony Orchestra.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Timmins! Are You In for 2015? Timmins I’m In!