Trump is the Aging Rock Star President from Wild in the Streets

These next 10 years will be the last whiff of that population bulge historians call the Baby Boom Generation…an entity that started off with piles of idealism. Some achieved; Some clawed back with age hello civil rights and women’s right.

These old, grumpy boomers are hanging on today with unrivaled privilege…now this may be a generalization…but you have a bunch of old white guys, especially in the USA, and old white gals too embittered about what has transpired in their fantasy lives, and in the US many aging boomers voted for a guy who had no experience at all but was famous on TV — Shit4Brains Trump.

Trump at a rally in 2016 US Presidential Debate. Courtesy of Politifact

Which brings me to the a little known movie in the late 1960s called Wild in The Streets — the height of hippiedom for the Boomers.

Rotten Tomatoes describes Wild in the Streets as a:

A campy satire about a rock star/drug dealer who is elected president once the voting age has been lowered to fourteen. The title song was a big hit in the 60’s and the film itself was well-liked by many critics.

Max Frost (Christopher Jones), presidential candidate, in Wild in the Streets acknowledges, the crowd’s adoration. Courtesy American International.

IMDB describes Wild in the Streets as follows:

“A young man gains significant political influence as the leader of a counterculture rock band with his rallying cry of voting rights for teenagers.”

The connection to real life today is this: Like Max Frost the Rock Star/drug dealer in the quirky movie Wild in The Streets, Americans (albeit with less popular votes than Hillary) elected an aging boomer, Trump. with a fractured mind and morality whose only claim to fame was a failure as a businessman, but a genius on pretend TV which was ironically labelled reality TV.

Trump’s strategy like the political strategy of Wild in the Streets is to collect a band of disgruntled, angry members of society who feel the have been left out. Call this populism if you will or call it appeal to the mob.

Donald Trump, a boomer is the aging Max Frost…the KKK and Neo Nazis are Trumps troopers.

Trump may not have sold drugs…but the list of his criminality is long Trump U, violation of Fair Housing Laws, money laundering (this will come out soon), sexual assault.

Like Trump, Max Frost, in Wild in the Street was a criminal, a drug dealer. Trump is the first criminal ever elected to the US Presidency. Among his crimes was the fraud of Trump U. In New York State you have to be accredited to call yourself a University. And of course the tens of thousands of dollars he stole from those who ponied up the $35,000 enrollment fee. Oddly this criminal was never charged by law enforcement. He did settle a civil suit out of court. Courtesy of Mother Jones

Begone boomers and let younger people take over..No one over 60 should be president of the USA ever.

For the boomer generation Trump is one last kick at fantasy land.

Let it be quick and let more savvy youth take the reins. They are skilled at detecting twitter bullshit like boomers are not.

Until then Trumper’s troopers and angry old white guys will be a force. These are the last embers of baby boomerism. They are angry kids from Wild in the Streets.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: “Gold and Cold” by Frank Giorno

Sitting in the warmth of theatre 3 in the Cinema 6 complex, watching the Timmins premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, I couldn’t help but think to myself – Timmins is the best place to watch this epic movie.

The movie opens to a massive, dragon-induced, firestorm reminiscent of the aerial bombings during World War 2. Flames of destruction everywhere. The Geneva Convention of middle-earth or its equivalent obviously had not banned such destructive weapon of mass-dragon destruction. Shortly after, the scene switches to a cavernous castle inhabited by the Dwarf-King, Thorin. The castle is knee make that hip deep in gold coins and gold treasures. With so much gold, I immediately thought of all the gold ever mined in Timmins and the Abitibi-Greenstone gold belt and imagined this is where it ended up.

Bilbo ankle deep in gold in the castle chambers

Bilbo ankle-deep in gold in the castle chambers

Gold plays such an important role in The Battle of the Five Armies –¬† as it does in Timmins and along the Abitibi-Greenstone Gold Belt in Northern Ontario and Quebec.

But that is not where the connection between The Battle of the Five Armies and Timmins ends. There is the cold…freezing, biting..bone chilling, cold. I thought of the walk from my apartment to the Cinema Six complex through a couple of feet of snow in -25 Celsius weather. Clear and cold…so clear I could see the Hunter up in the night sky – Orion. And now – there on the screen are the poor souls who had barely escaped the scorching hell of the fire-breathing dragon and such is luck that they would end up at the gates of Thorin’s mountain castle freezing in misery.

Gold and cold. The battle over the untold wealth of gold contained in the castle and the freezing mass of humanity outside the castle gate. Gold and cold. If someone were to name the two best words to describe the cities and towns of the Abitibi-Greenstone belt they would be “gold and cold”.

I really enjoyed the movie. Well-written, acted. The film held my interest and the fact I was watching this epic in the land of gold and cold added to the ambiance of the film. When the people at the gate were freezing I not only saw them trembling in the frigid land outside the castle gate — I felt it. When the camera panned on the endless gold…I thought of all the gold that has been mined up here only to end up vaults very similar to the gold-laden chambers of the castle or Fort Knox.

The real clincher for me was the Battle on Ice between King Thorin and the Orc commander. The two were battering each other all over¬† a frozen pond that reminded me of a frozen-over Pearl Lake or Gillies Lake. With each fracture of the ice’s surface, I thought of ice fishing and all the other frozen pleasures of the north.

I give this movie two mitts up! With all the gold and cold in the movie, I felt right at home.King Thorin, the Dwarf King, with a castle full of gold

King Thorin, the Dwarf King, with a castle full of gold