Murder by 2nd Amendment: America’s largest mass murders made possible by NRA by Frank Giorno

Such great sorrow in America…deepest sympathy to all those who died and their families in this unbearably senseless and preventable tragedy.

This photo from Rolling Stone Magazine’s coverage of the Las Vegas second amendment murders depicts the terror concert goers experienced during the largest massacre of Americans by a mass murderer. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine

These 58 deaths in Las Vegas should be known as murder by 2nd amendment. For it was the shooters 2nd amendment rights that permitted the right to purchase an arsenal of weapons to slay 58 Americans. Imagine of those 58 deaths occurred at the US embassy over sees, what the reaction would be?

Think about the majority Republican Congress and the strident comments they would be making about stopping terrorism, restricting immigration, building a way, curtailing people’s civil liberties by torturing those responsible and tapping phones and spying on social media.

Sadly, the cowards in the Republican party will act sad and decry the crime, but the will stand by the National Rifle Associations distorted and incorrect view of what the second amendment says about who may own guns.

The 58 murders in Las Vegas and the shootings every where in the United States really are brought to you by the NRA and their 40 year record of helping people like Steve Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, obtain an arsenal of deadly weapons by fraudulently asserting everyone’s right to guns of all sorts including rapid fire machine guns and military assault rifles.

Thanks to the NRA instead of a well regulated system of gun purchases, you have total gun anarchy.

And this is despite recent polling showing that Americans overwhelmingly want some form of control on guns to end gun anarchy that NRA has promoted and bullied lawmakers into achieving.

Majority of Americans Support Gun Control: Time Magazine

Donald Trump supports NRA absolute right to guns. It is no coincidence that since this  deadly and divisive President assumed centre stage there have been at least four or more deadly shootings since June 2016.

In fact, since Trump took over the presidency in January, 2017 there have been 273 mass shootings already in 275 days according to the Gun Violence Archives.

Gun Violence Archives Mass Shootings in America

The NRA and its executive leadership should be viewed as accessories to mass murder, by literally handing those guns to murderers like Paddock who bought his weapons legally.

The NRA has since the mid-1970s been forcing US lawmakers, through what amounts to bribery, in the form as major cash donations to candidates running for office to support their extremist view of the 2nd amendment.

This is democracy? The majority want gun control, but money bribes by the NRA bullies politicians into denying the majority what they want — gun control, not gun anarchy!

Las Vegas native and late night host Jimmy Kimmel put it this way:   Since the 58 dead and 500 wounded were murdered by a rich American gun owner as opposed to a non-American,  Trump, McConnell and Paul Ryan – the Republican party, will do nothing “because The NRA has a money belt clipped around their balls.”

Remember 2nd Amendment says “…for the purposes of a well regulated militia the rights to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Second Amendment to the US Constitution

I guess current American conservative gun advocates do not speak English very well, because their interpretation of the 2nd amend is predicated on the erroneous view, that the first clause in the amendment is irrelevant, and has no bearing on the second clause — “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Conservative legal scholars have argued that the for purposes of maintaining a well regulated militia was a meaningless and hollow preamble, and should be disregarded.

Now an example of a preamble that does not relate to the second part of the 2nd amendment would be something like ” Wasn’t that a great ball game last night,  the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

In my understanding of the English language there is much weight and relevancy to the fact that the founding fathers wanted a well regulated militia, and for that purpose, for the purpose of a well-regulated militia, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

Why? Because the USA of 1784 did not have the military might of Britain, France, Spain, Germany and it necessarily depended on well armed citizens to come to the aid of their country if invaded.

The founding fathers certainly did not want guns to go into the wrong hands, that is why it was a well-regulated militia.

Not complicated at all, if you understand the English language.

In other words you can buy arms to participate in a well regulated militia. And you can screen those who purchase arms for purpose other than maintaining a well regulated militia.

After all, there were many people in the newly founded USA of 1784 that the founding fathers did not want to own guns like British spies, possibly slaves who wanted to rebel, Native Americans who wanted their lands back, and others who posed a serious risk to the foundation of  the young US.

I doubt Steve Paddock bought  the arsenal of weapons , without background check, without restriction, so he could serve in a well regulated militia.

Police in Las Vegas said, Steve Paddock, the shooter who mowed down 58 innocent Americans, lawfully purchased a varied of weapons at gun stores. Thank you NRA for making this mass shooting possible. Photo Courtesy of

Yet even the Supreme Court of the United States have become so politicized over the 2nd Amendment that conservative judges voted to refuse to hear gun control challenges after the Sandy Hook mass murder of school children and teachers by a mental disturbed young man who loved to go shooting at a gun club.

Nice guys, eh? 26 people killed at Sandy Hook, many young children and SCOTUS doesn’t give a whistle about their lives snuffed out as such a young age.

Suffer the little children, SCOTUS would rather you die to protect the NRA myth of absolute gun rights for all. Gun Anarchy! Or Gun Control.

Please send an email, a letter – Hell if you are close enough tie a note to a rock and throw it through the NRA’s window, and tell them how you feel about The NRA allowing gun anarchy in the USA.

58 dead in Las Vegas; 49 dead in the Orlando night club shooting;26 Dead in Sandy Hook; 9 dead in a church in South Carolina;  20 Dead in Aurora movie theatre shooting etc etc etc.

Last year was the 50th anniversary of the 18 people killed by Charles Whitman at University of Texas from a clock tower in 1966. Since then 1,000 people or more are killed by guns each year in the US.

Since 1966, approximately 50,000 Americans, and that is a conservative number it’s probably way higher.

50th anniversary of first modern mass murder by gun in August, 1966

Thanks to the NRA, once an organization of hunters and responsible gun owners up to the mid-197os, when it was hijacked by extremists, the Americans have suffered unbearable sorrow at the hands of legally sanctioned gun anarchy.

NRA, this mass murder in Vegas is for you, for all you do to guarantee, people like Steve Paddock, can buy the most vicious weapons unchecked. Way to go guys! Thanks to the NRA gun anarchy reins supreme.

Mass murder thanks to the NRA, and its ass kissing conservative lawmakers have made mass killings, and indeed all gun murders an American Ritual….where everybody loves to Shoot Shoot.

And Trump wants to ban Muslims? And Trump wants to build a wall against Mexicans.


Walt Kelly’s perceptive comment voiced in the Pogo cartoon strip. Courtesy of Pinterest

In the words of Pogo the cartoon character “I have seen the enemy and the enemy is us.”

Well not “us” but the NRA and Donald Trump and that ilk of fear mongering bigots and distorters of the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

Sometimes I wonder, if some Americans actually speak the English language…but that is another story for another blog.

The ridiculousness of the SCOTUS  leaving out the first clause of the 2nd amendment calling for a well regulated militia, is not only poor English but it is maniacally insane and poor legal interpretation.

End Gun Anarchy with thoughtful and necessary Gun Control.

Simple as that.


Joke: Why do the Americans call it the Lecter College? by Frank Giorno : A Northern Blog – the world seen through northern eyes


Ok here is a joke.

We all need a good laugh.

Shortly after the 2016 US presidential election a young girl asked her parents a question.


Why do they call it the Lecter College? Because the Electoral Collage kills democracy in America, the way Hannibal Lecter killed people.

“Dad? Mom? Why in the U.S. presidential elections do they call it the Lecter College?”

“Well that’s easy dear,” the parents replied.

“It’s called the Lecter College because the Electoral College kills democracy in America, the way Hannibal Lecter, the serial killing cannibal killed people.


Donald Trump, American’s serial, political cannibal, shows the mouth and jaws he used to devour his opponents.

Ah, But Ain’t That America!

Recent killing of 9 innocent people at a Church Prayer group will do little to curb enthusiasm for free access to guns in America.      Photo courtesy of ABC News

Recent killing of 9 innocent people at a Church Prayer group will do little to curb enthusiasm for free access to guns in America. Photo courtesy of ABC News

The recent mass gun deaths of 9 Black Americans, who were shot to death as they prayed, by a White Judas who sat among them as a guest before opening fire, is as disturbing as the mass slaying 20 children who were killed in their classrooms at Sandy Hook. And as disturbing as the slaughter of the 12 or  moving goers in Aurora, Colorado.

More disturbing is how the National Rifle Association and demented Republicans still will vote against even the most basic gun ownership restrictions. As disturbing is the seeming paralysis for a nation to prevent these tragic occurrences by place even the most basic restrictions on gun ownership.

2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Shooting. Thirteen high school students were killed in that 1999 shooting. In 2008 32 students were shot to death at Virginia Tech. In 2013 20 students were shot to death at Sandy Hook elementary. And now 9 members of a prayer group were killed in their very own church by a person who came as a guest.

Ah but ain’t that America.

Let’s hope Harper doesn’t turn Canada into a replica of the gun-mad country to our South.

Ah but guns don’t kill people..people kill people.

What a stupid slogan to support the proliferation of gun ownership…no a gun on its own doesn’t kill people except in that fantasy finale of Breaking Bad where the AK 47 tips and automatically sprays bullets killing dozens of bad guys.

In real life anyone can go to a gun store or a flea market buy a gun no questions asked and do with it what they please including killing many innocent people if they so choose.

Here is the point – guns make people who want to kill able kill more deadly and efficiently and take the lives and freedom away from innocent children and people at pray.

America! What is more precious to you? The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom? Or the right to carry a gun a take away people’s freedoms for ever?

Hey atomic bombs don’t kill people…people drop atomic bombs to kill people. What is the difference? Atomic bombs and guns kill more efficiently and deadly than kitchen knives.

You might as well say cars don’t kill people, people kill people.

But, Drivers are licensed and car ownership permits are required, insurance too. In America any lunatic can get a gun and kill with motive and determination. When cars collide we call that an accident…when 20 school children are mowed down with grim determination and 9 people at prayer are mowed down in a Church while praying….well we call that AMERICA home of the free to kill who you want and anytime you want.

Ah but Ain’t that America automatic weapons designed to kill you and me.

Ah but Ain’t that America undetected handguns to set you up on your very own killing spree

Ah but Ain’t that America thank you NRA for all the people you are going to kill today.

Here is a list of post- Columbine mass shootings between 1999 and 2012. Add the 28 people, 20 of them Children, in Newtown Connecticut and the Charleston Church shooting to that list.

People who support restrictions on gun ownership and purchases should raise funds to build a memorial to all victims of gun violence. The memorial should be modular and can grow as more victims are killed by guns annually.

The monument should be located in some strategic location that brings it to the attention of Americans and the world.

An annual day of mourning for victims of gun murders should be held and gatherings organized after each future American gun massacre.

Perhaps that will hit the message home.

America needs restrictions on who can buy guns. It’s clear from the last twenty years some people should not have the right to own guns. Previous history of violence, uttering threats and mental illness could be three factors for refusing to sell weapons to an individual.

Remember in all democratic countries freedom comes with responsibility. There is the freedom to own guns, but that must be weighed against the freedom from being killed by a gun.

It’s really that simple.