The Murder of Mario Wesley in Timmins Still Unsolved

As 2014 draws to an end, the murder of Mario Wesley in Timmins remains unsolved. Last April, I wrote one of my “A Northern Blogs” about my friend Mario Wesley titled “Mario Wesley Sculptor and Musician Battles Personal Demons.” I never posted it on A Northern Blog and only recently discovered it in my draft unpublished blogs. Mario never had a chance to defeat his demons. He was murdered on July 28, 2014. The first murder of the year in Timmins.

Five months later the Timmins Police still have not charged anyone with Mario’s murder. I understand that the Timmins Police are taking Mario’s murder seriously and have followed strands of leads all the way to Attawapiskat, where a police investigator traveled to question potential witnesses. Sources close to the Wesley family tell me Timmins police have questioned over 200 people who Mario knew and associated with…but nothing has led to the laying of criminal charges so far.

mario-wesleyShortly after Mario’s funeral, Timmins police placed posters around town of Mario playing a guitar and asked anyone with leads into Mario’s death to get in contact with them or with CrimeStopper. Officers also visited the Lord’s Kitchen, a community kitchen in the basement of the old Church of the Nativity on Spruce St. North where Mario used to meet his friends for a meal once a week.

Here is the Timmins Daily Press story reporting on Mario’s murder

As we end a very sad and empty 2014 I certainly hope that police continue to work hard on solving Mario’s murder. Mario like all of us had his demons and I believe he would have conquered them. I know his daughters want the person or persons who murdered their father apprehended and brought to trial.

Mario Wesley Sculptor and Musician Battles Personal Demons

Here is the blog I wrote in April, 2014, that I posted on my Facebook page, but didn’t add to A Northern Blog until now.

“Artists and musicians are doomed to be cast in many instances as tormented souls who see and interpret the craziness of the world for the so-called sane majority. Mario Wesley my friend originally from Moosonee would fall into this definition. A man who is beset by hosts of personal demons, some inflicted by his early years of being abused in residential school, others being caused by his alcoholism which he battles successfully for a brief period…and when he does he produces such a beautiful song such as this one…”First Love”.

Mario is also a talented sculptor, working in soapstone. I purchased one of his sculptures and donated it to the Ojibway Cree Cultural Centre where it belongs for all to see and appreciate. Now Mario is afflicted with glaucoma and is legally blind. I wish he could beat his demons and continue writing songs and sculpting. Last Time I saw him he told me he had stopped drinking. I hope to set up an Artists Table at Timmins Urban Park this summer and am encouraging Mario to focus on his sculpting. He will sell many of his works, that I am sure, although with his glaucoma getting worse it will be increasingly more difficult for Mario to sculpt.

As for music, we will have our Friday afternoon open mic at Urban Park and I hope to encourage Mario to get up and sing his songs.

Gallery Owner in Thunder Bay Liked Mario’s Sculptures

Today, I got a comment on Mario Wesley’s First Love Video which is posted on my you tube site from a gallery owner named Louise in Thunder Bay, Ontario who was searching for Mario because she liked his sculptures. Maybe we can get Mario sculpting again and perhaps Louise in Thunder Bay can be sent a few to display in her gallery…I am sure Mario could use some of the proceeds of the sales.

Here is “First Love” By Mario Wesley recorded in September 2011 by Gillies Lake…unfortunately the ending is kind of bumpy as my editing skills failed me….I hope you enjoy this nonetheless.”