Great U.S. Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt was a Great U.S. President – He Knew How To Run A Country


FDR showed that great personal sacrifice and unselfishness are important characteristics of that a president of the United States must have to lead the nation.

During this time of great tumult, hatred and division, let’s cheer a truly great American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

During the 1930’s,  when the United States faced its great struggle with the Depression, it was blessed with a great President -Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Roosevelt  was a very wealthy man, But his far-reaching, generous policy and concern for the well being of America’s middle and working class led to the creation of some of the greatest public works projects ever undertaking to create jobs –  e.g. The Tennessee Valley Authority, a hydro-electric project that created jobs and also extended electrification to remote parts of the US.

FDR had great advisers and he listened to them. He sacrificed the narrow interests of the plutocracy of which the Roosevelt family stood. Theodore Roosevelt, a president in the early years of the 20th century was a cousin, to really benefit and improve the lives of the less financially well off.

For a history of he Roosevelt family please click here

FDR was the first president to use the First 100 days as a measure for how well he was helping the Nation. And he did plenty. His policies to help Americans cope with the Great Depression is known as The New Deal

FDR’s   National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), Works Public Administration (WPA) and National Relief Administration (NRA), the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), the Social Security Act,  and a number of other progressive measures  helped millions and millions of Americans survive the Great Depression.

For a history of FDR’s New Deal click here:

FDR embodied the spirit of sacrifice and unity. For those who planned to profit from the people’s misery, FDR had this to say:

“The forces of ‘organized money’ are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”

He went on: “I should like to have it said of my first Administration that in it the forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match, [and] I should like to have it said of my second Administration that in it these forces have met their master.”

In his second term a much more aggressive fight against the people who were profiting from the Depression-era troubles of ordinary.

FDR at the mikes

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a great leader, a great US president who despite personal suffering helped improve the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans

It is not hard to see why FDR won an unprecedented 4 terms as US president. A feat that will never again be accomplished because of term limits imposed by Congress after FDR’s death. Presidents may now only serve 2 terms.

His measures have been attacked by the neanderthal Conservative Democrats and Republicans have been railing against for over 80 years.

You see, to be a great President or champion of the working class you don’t have to be from the working class.

You just have to stand by your personal principles of unselfish caring for your neighbours and taking measures to help them, instead of fooling them to vote for you and then abandoning them only to enrich your own pockets.

In fact some of the greatest enemies of the working class and middle class have themselves come out of the middle and working class..e.g. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini to name two.

Hitler was a loser who failed at everything he tried.

Mussolini was a bombastic idiot, who instead of following policies steeped in reality to help the Italian nation, he was obsessed with childhood fantasies of rebuilding the Roman Empire.

Let’s Cheer the Great Franklin Roosevelt ! And remember a truly great American President.

A man who showed that disabilities, he was wheel chair bound due to polio, need not be a hindrance to being great.

Also lets recognize that it was under FDR, the first seedlings of the civil rights movement were planted with such historical events as Marion Anderson’s Lincoln Memorial Concert, the first time a black performer sang on the Washington Mall.

That generation produced some great music. Here is Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land sung by Peter Seeger and Bruce Springsteen in 2010.

Perhaps current political leaders should listen to the hopes and dreams of this inclusively themed song, instead of spewing hatred, bigotry and division.


“Washington Celebrity Apprentice — Comey! You’re Fired! For Lacking Balls ” by Frank Giorno : A Northern Blog — the World Seen Through Northern Eyes

James Comey was warned by the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Justice not to go public with the “Anthony Weiner-Hillary Clinton email” investigation letter to the Republican controlled congress.

Comey should be fired for insubordination.


James Comey, FBI Director, swearing to uphold the law…an oath he failed to keep.

James Comey is a weak and confused leader of the FBI who lacked the balls to do the right thing. He should have fired the pro-Trump FBI officers for insubordination.


FBI linking Weiner to Clinton emails stole election for Trump


Is no one in charge here? Are the inmates controlling the insane asylum?

If Comey told the NY FBI office to stop their leaks about the Anthony Weiner-Hillary Clinton alleged emails and they refused to listen, he should have fired them.

Instead Comey spreads the untruthful innuendos of the The Rudolf Giuliani Pro Trump FBI faction in a letter to Congress – Comey told congress and the world about unsubstantiated and false claims concerning Clinton’s email on Anthony Weiner’s cell phone and computers.


Rudolf Giuliani former  DA Manhattan District, former Mayor of NY and a paid Trump stooge.

This swayed enough voters to abstain from voting Clinton or to stay home to steal the election for Donald Trump.

I would have fired the lot of Pro Trump FBI agents for insubordination. Leaking information before an investigation is complete is an egregious breach of police practices. This amounts to professional misconduct.

I know, I cover the police beat in Timmins, Ontario. North Country, Canada.

Whenever I press the local police chief about details of an unsolved murder for example, the chief always replies -“Sorry, can’t comment, the case is under investigation.”

The Timmins police chief doesn’t provide innuendo about someone who might be guilty. That would be shoddy and unethical if not illegal police tactics.

Comey on the other hand is all about babbling unsubstantiated details to the world. Details that as it turned out amounted to hill of bullshit.

There was nothing there – there.

Comey should have said nothing and he should have told the NY Pro-Trump FBI agents to follow police protocol…warn them if you didn’t they will be fired!

Comey could have ordered the seizure of the FBI Office and placed it under trusteeship under his direct command sequestering all FBI  computers and cell phones.

If agents didn’t obey Comey, he should have fired the lot and exposed Giuliani’s and Trump’s undue influence on the pack of FBI renegades from New York.

Once Comey fired the lot for insubordination, I then would write a letter to Congress and the Attorney General explaining why this dangerous clique had to be fired, because they were going to leak untrue information about Clinton on the final week of the campaign and unjustly interfere with American democracy.


Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General

This incursion of the FBI into an election is the hallmark of any tin pot dictatorship in banana republics around the world.

Now if I were Obama or Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General,I would fire James Comey ASAP…for insubordination and incompetence. If Comey can’t control a rump faction of the FBI in New York that is controlled by Rudolf Giuliani what other gross injustices have occurred under his watch that have been simply swept under the rug.


Fire Covey, Obama!

Obama and or the Attorney General should quote the law as it stands and also Police Practice of never commenting on a case before all the facts are in as the bases of his action.

Of course Donald Trump would re-hire Comey on becoming President on January 20th…but Obama would be making a bold statement. The firing of Comey would be fact-based and hard to dispute.


President-elect Donald Trump, like former U.S. President Bill Clinton, his former friend, is a serial groper of women who said he likes to “grab women by their pussy.”

The re-hiring of this blatantly incompetent FBI director by Trump could set the tone for the Trump regime — corrupt to the core.

The Comey Dirty Trick turned enough potential Clinton voters off in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida to swing the election to Trump…less than a million voters had to be so turned off Clinton that they stayed home or went to vote for Trump.

And that is difference. Before Comey Clinton was up by as much as 8 percent in the polls…after Comey Clinton sunk to the bottom even trailing Trump by 2 percent the weekend before the election.

The majority of Clinton voters dismissed the Comey dirty trick…50,000,000 Americans plus voted for her, about 250,000 more than voted for Donald Trump.

Clinton won more votes than Trump And should be the legitimate president of the USA, but the USA doesn’t practice democracy and by a quirk of their goofy system Trump with less votes becomes President.


Clinton won the popular votes in the 2016 election. But the goofy and authoritarian Electoral College system denies the majority of Americans their choice of president elected by the people. America’s democracy is tainted.

That is like the second place runner being declared the Gold medal winner in the Olympics. Or the second place horse in the Kentucky Derby being declared the winner.

Comey’s dirty trick turned off a tiny, slim amount of support say 1/50th of Clinton’s support or one million voters were turned off enough to lose Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.And give the Trumpster those badly needed electoral college votes.

Enough to steal the election for that Liar Trump.

Folks, we all know Trump is a Liar. He doesn’t represent working America. Unfortunately Trump pretended to listen to their voices when the Democrats under Hillary Clinton failed to connect with them.

Also don’t discount the ingrained American racism as a factor in Trump’s razor thin climb to the white house. This Make America Great Again slogan by Trump is really Make America White Again.

And it worked barely, but it worked.

Listen to Henry Rollins song Liar because the lyrics and the video that accompany the song tell the story of Donald Trump– the Liar.

Henry Rollins.jpg

Henry Rollins’ song Liar summons up Donald Trump.

And oh yeah ! James Comey — You’re Fired!

“Shadowy Mexican Underground Guerilla Leader Francisco Mario y Miguel Diaz Mocks Trumps Wall Proposal…we will simply dig tunnels!”

Saying Mexican Prostitutes, Drug Dealers, Murderers and Exploited Hotel and Casino Workers will Simply Tunnel their Way to poor paying jobs in the United States, Miguel Diaz laughed his trademark high pitched hyena laugh, before turning to his notorious Harvard educated translator Pedro dos Papagallos.

In a rare communique shadowy Mexican Underground guerilla leader Francisco Mario y Miguel Diaz mocked Donald Trump’s policy of building a wall along the border with the United States.

Through dos Papagallos, Miguel Diaz said:

“Wall? No stinking wall is going to keep us Mexicans from coming into los Estados Unidos de los Americas (United States of America). Pui.. I spit in Trumpones’ face.” declared Miquel Diaz.

Speaking in Mexican Miquel Diaz continued: “Este Trumpone ‘ee eees mui loco eef, eee teenks a steeenking muro donde este lo salle dos banos…can keeping usted froma deeeging di mundo’s mucho profundo tunnel eento Los Estados Unidos,” Miquel Diaz boasted laughing maniacally.

Speaking dos Papagallos, Miquel Diaz added, ” With all due respect Mr. Trump may go ahead and build his wall, Indeed he should build it all the way to Uranus, a place I am sure he is well acquainted with.”

The dos Papagallos  continued after listening intently to a 15 minute rant by Miquel Diaz : “Shirley, and I do mean Shirley (his El Paso Texas, girlfriend, narco-hooker, revolutionary, and drug dealer and all round bad Mexican) –

” If Trump is intent on building this wall let him spend his own billions and not bankrupt the decent hard working taxpayers of America…because while he is building his wall we will be tunnelling 10,000 ft below ground. One thing we Mexicans can stand is the extreme heat of hell.”

“And once the wall is built we Mexicans will come in even greater numbers to spite his ugly Gringo face…stupid Bianqui!” sneered Miguel Diaz in contempt through his translator. “We will flood through many underground highways from hell to bring drugs, prostitutes, and exploited hotel and casino workers employed by Trump him self.”

Neither Trump nor any member of his campaign cared to comment, However, in a news release issued later Trump’s campaign chair Bozo the Clown said if the Mexicans plan on building a tunnel to the US — well we will just have to build the wall a little higher.”

"If Miguel Diaz wants to build tunnels, well we just have to build our wall a little higher," said Trump's Campaign Manager Bozo the Clown.

“If Miguel Diaz wants to build tunnels, well we just have to build our wall a little higher,” said Trump’s Campaign Manager Bozo the Clown.

Hillary Clinton rolling her eyes once more said. “Yes, Miguel Diaz is right on, he has a point,” she said. ” Trump is elected and he builds his wall the Mexicans will just dig so many tunnels the Texas border will look like cheese cloth.”

And as mysteriously as Francisco Mario y Miquel Diaz made his appearance he disappeared into the vast Mexican underground.

But before he vanished into the ether the gathered reporters heard a cackling laugh and a sneering voice say in Mexican .. ” Trump ee ees mucho absolulement loco…no steeeenking muro keep Chicanos away. hahahahahahhha we fabricados unos profundo tunnelos dos los diablos….hahahahahahahah.”

And he was gone.

Has Daffy Donald’s bozo wall idea finally come tumbling down?

Here is Fake News’ wall expert John Cougar Mellencamp to give you his musical answer, John over to you.


Hydro One Fired the Wrong Guy! By Frank Giorno

A few weeks ago Hydro One without mercy and reflection brutally dismissed a young man for making sexist comments to a City TV reporter who turned the camera on the drunken yahoos attending a Toronto FC match. But I think they fired the wrong guy.

Hydro One Should Fire Carmen Marcello its President and CEO for criminal billing practices

Hydro One Should Fire Carmen Marcello its President and CEO for criminal billing practices

Even though the young employee did something stupid and repugnant the just released report by Andre Marin, Ontario’s Ombudsman, into Hydro One’s billing practices show the company’s corporate behaviour is even more repugnant and indeed may even be criminal.

If Hydro One is consistent on applying their draconian firing policies the man they should fire ASAP is their CEO and President Carmen Marcello. After all the buck has to stop somewhere right? The tone for corporate behaviour rests with the CEO and President. And whereas the former young Hydro One employee was likely drunk or at least overtaken by the tribalistic behaviour that surrounds sporting events, the corporate billing practices were probably premeditated and developed while sober, one would hope.

Marcello has to go. If he stays it would signal that Hydro One has one human resources policy for the lowly grunts and another for those who run the show like Marcello.

Marcello may be a fine fellow. I do not know him. But right now, Hydro One under his leadership is a damaged company…much more damaged than the antics of a junior employee who when drunk or excited at soccer a soccer match said something stupid. The damage caused to Hydro One under Marcello’s leadership is much,much worst that what the fan could have inflicted on a scale from 1 to 10.

Hydro One should fire him but only after reading the scathing Ombudsman report of how Hydro One engaged in out and out robbery of their clients accounts. What’s that saying about what goes around comes around?

Hydro One’s billing system wrongly charged customers exorbitant amounts on their month bills. (see below for link to the Toronto Star Story). The initial response from Marcello and Hydro One is not encouraging. He accepts no blame and no responsibility. Marcello blames the sub-contracted billing company for all the wrong Hydro One unleashed on its customers.

Andre Marin, the Ombudsman found that in some instances Hydro One acted illegally. Hydro One even lied to the Ombudsman and tried to derail his investigation and then Marin said they even celebrated their deception like a gang of tribalistic soccer fans.

As for the young man who got fired by Hydro One. You did something really foolish and stupid. But you are lucky too. Because who wants to work for Hydro One and its criminal practices? I would suggest that the young man get a lawyer and examine his possibilities. Also I would suggest he publicly apologize for his statements and make a sincere effort to learn and grow from his mistake. Hiding in anonymity is the worst thing you can do. In time select an appropriate media outlet to tell your story, and also to offer a public apology.

The TV camera is a magnet for goofy behind the interviewer behaviour that ranges from a benign HI MOM to the more serious recent developments where boorish males yell sexually provocative slogans at female reporters. In this case the drunk males thought the camera was off. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that if they knew the camera was on they would not have acted as crudely. In fact one of the group of men asks “are you recording this”?

The complete story of how Shauna Hunt found herself confronted by a boorish gang of sports fans is more complicated. This is a story the media will not report in its entirety because it is more about the reckless media moguls who send their employees alone into a hazardous workplace situations without adequate support. Oh come on you say! People should act better than those boorish young men and the Hydro One employee deserved what he got…yes, that would be a great world if people always acted civilized. Hey we would not even need that great institution called the Police Department if people just behaved properly all the time.

For a television reporter going into a crowd to cover a story can be an occupation hazard regardless of gender. And cuts by media companies have made the job even more hazardous.

In the old days, a TV reporter would be accompanied by a producer or a camera man. The producer would select the shot or interview location and shoo away any idiots who interfered with the interview. The camera also would be able to assist if needed. But because of cuts to staff. A TV reporter now lugs the camera and is on their own to fend off yahoos. This time it was a female reporter, but next time it could be an altercation between a fan and a male reporter.

I suggest the reporter if she had any sense of decency would issue a complaint to the Ontario Labour Relations Board and to the Workers Safety Board. But she won’t even though it is a workplace safety issue as much as it is a gender issue. Who wants to get fired right?

Here is the Toronto Star article about the Ombudsman’s Report on Hydro One’s billing practices.…/hydro-one-accused-of-deceit-in-dam…

What’s North Anyways? Can a Memory of an Event in Toronto Be Considered Northern if the Memory is Experienced In Timmins, Ontario? by Frank Giorno

What exactly is north? And can a story about the taking of a photograph in Toronto in 1972 be considered a northern tale? What if that memory of taking the Toronto photo was experienced in Timmins, Ontario on a frigid -30 C afternoon on the feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2015?

John Calabro'languidly strikes a match to light his cigarette while sitting on the unfinished window frame of the Ghost of Bayview in 1972

John Calabro languidly strikes a match to light his cigarette while sitting on the unfinished window frame of the Ghost of Bayview in 1972

Here is a photo I took of John Calabro in and around 1972, I’m guessing. John is my oldest friend (since 1969) and the best man at my wedding to Cheryl Agoston in 1983. This photo of a silhouette of John ahhem…smoking, was taken at an abandoned high-rise south of St. Clair Ave. East off of Bayview in Toronto.

The newspapers of the day commonly referred to this place as the Bayview Ghost. The 7 story apartment building was started in 1960 on the border of the old City of Toronto and East York.

John and I used to have this postering business when we were high school students whereby many Toronto theatres such as he St, Lawrence Centre Stage, Tarragon Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille, sometimes Factory Lab and Toronto Workshop Productions would hire us to plaster the city with the posters to promote upcoming productions. We even did one for the O’Keefe Centre to promote Katherine Hepburn’s appearance at what is now the Sony Centre.

We rode our bicycles to as many construction fences as possible through out what was then known as Metro Toronto. It was during these bicycle forays in quest of fresh construction fences that we discovered landmarks such as the Ghost of Bayview and others.

Location of course was everything. We figured if we could plaster the construction fences along Bayview and other highly traveled locales, we would be able to increase the exposure to the poster as the volume of commuters along that route was quite large. In the process we hope to increase the ticket sales for our clients.

John carried the glue bucket and two large glue brushes suspended from the handle bars of his bike that he probably assembled from various parts. John had a knack for putting bikes together from remnants of discarded bikes. He carried extra powdered glue in a knapsack. When we ran out of glue we would stop at a gas station, fill the bucket with water and mix a new batch of glue.

I carried the posters on my regal black Raleigh English Gentleman’s bicycle that my dad purchased for me from a very nice English man who rented the upstairs of our home on Davenport Road. His name was Arnold “Ted” Parkes and he was a bus driver for the Toronto Transit Commission. My black Raleigh had a carrier at the back and we would strap about 50 to 100 posters to it. In what was my first exposure to alternate energy sources, the black Raleigh came with a headlight that operated on pedal power. My pedaling produced the energy that powered my headlight. The faster I pedaled the brighter the light. The light would be considerably dimmer if I was tired pedaling home in the dark after a long day’s work.

If my memory serves me well, the reason the 7 story apartment building on Bayview south of St. Clair Ave. East was abandoned had to do with a territorial dispute over conflicting by-laws in Toronto and East York having to do with the provision of water services. There may also have been some dispute over the height of the structure as it was nestled in the northern outreach of Rosedale. The abandoned building was a magnet for a variety of nefarious activities partaken by youth and the homeless. There were also several reports of falls, injuries and I believe at least one death, which led to the eventual demolition of the structure before the owners could get the municipalities to make the appropriate by-law changes to complete the construction. I will have to research the old newspapers to get the specific details…in the meantime,here is the photo I took of John Calabro in the Bayview Ghost or the Ghost of Bayview in 1972 or there about.

For those interested in the technical details of the photo. I was using my Asahi Pentax with a Hannimex 250 mm long lens. I recall being about 10 to 20 feet away from the window where John was lounging leisurely and lighting a cigarette on the unfinished picture window of one of the suites on the first floor. I wanted to achieve the silhouette effect caused by the back lighting of the outside light. In the darkroom I had to expose the photographic paper longer than usual in order to get the background images of the field and the house visible. We have come a long way with the development of digital photograph.

The Asahi Pentax was my most precious position back then along with my black Raleigh and my darkroom. The Pentax was sold to me by Yvon Dumais, a grade 9 student who moved to Toronto from Sudbury to attend high school in 1969. We became great friends. We both joined the football teams at Oakwood Collegiate in 1969. I joined the bantam squad and Yvon joined the Junior squad. Unfortunately, at the very first practice Yvon broke his wrist. When healed Yvon went on to compete on the wrestling team.

Yvon lived with his older brother Richard in a rooming house on Pinewood Avenue, a block east of Christie St. and St.Clair Ave. West. His brother worked for Foster Advertising, operated by the legendary Toronto ad man Harry Foster. Richard gave Yvon the Asahi Pentax camera as a present in hopes that Yvon would really take to photography and thus help his younger brother find something that he would love and perhaps grow into a career.

But Yvon didn’t take to photography as much as I did and being the good friend that he was, Yvon sold me the camera so I could continue my passion for photography. In a great gesture of friendship and generosity Yvon sold me the the Asahi Pentax for $60. I paid for it with the money that I earned from the postering business. I was overjoyed because as much as I loved my previous camera, a Praktica SLR, the Asahi Pentax was top of the line. A Cadillac compared to the beat up American Motors Rambler that was my Praktica.

It was a few months later that Yvon left our high school, Oakwood Collegiate and indeed left Toronto as he signed up with the Canadian Armed Forces and was whisked out to Camp Cornwallis in Nova Scotia to begin his basic training.

In hindsight I now understand that Yvon sold the camera to me because I would not accept it as a gift…a gift he was offering in friendship because he would be far from Toronto. Insisted he should get something and off the top of his head said “Ok…give me $60 bucks.” I was very grateful for Yvon’s gesture.

I didn’t see Yvon again. At least I don’t remember seeing him again after he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1972 or 1973.

Over the 2014 Christmas Holidays I visited with John Calabro and his family who have been living in a house on Pinewood Ave since the 1980s. I am certain their house is across the street from where Yvon Dumais lived with his brother in 1969 and 1970 on Pinewood Ave. Later I remember visiting Yvon in a small apartment on Avenue Road north of St.Clair and then one last place a white multi-story apartment building on the corner of Spadina Road and Bernard.

And I am equally certain that I am writing this Northern Blog because my visit with John tied together the photo I took of him at the Ghost of the Bayview, the Asahi Pentax camera I used to take the photo and the fact that Yvan the person who sold me the camera lived on Pinewood Avenue 40 years earlier.

But there is more. After I returned to Timmins, Ontario post-New Years, I had the opportunity to travel to Sudbury to cover an event at the Goodman School of Mines. I picked up the phonebook and found a Y.Dumais living in the Greater Sudbury area. I called him. At first he was cautious when I asked him if had gone to Oakwood Collegiate, but then he opened up and acknowledged he was my long lost friend Yvon Dumais. Which is more than I did 20 years ago when he tried to contract me via email and asked if I was the Frank Giorno who went to Oakwood Collegiate. I was going through one of my frequent depressive phases…I had separated from my wife. I was not in a good frame of mind. I never acknowledged his emails or phone messages. I regret not doing so.

Perhaps that old photograph of John Calabro, a great friend for so many years, taken by the generous gift, for that is what it was, from Yvon Dumais, an good friend from the days of our youth, was really meant to re-unite me with Yvon. The trip to Sudbury on January 15 and 16 gave me the opportunity to connect with him.

I visited Yvon and his wife and daughter at his comfortable home nestled in nicely treed lot. Birds of several varieties were constantly landing at his backyard feeder. I didn’t know this, but in 1976 Yvon suffered a major health challenge and particularly extreme form of arthritis that doctors feared would force him into a wheel chair for the rest of his life. But it has been 38 years and Yvon being the scramper that he is wrestled that arthritis to the ground. He is able to walk and get around with some pain, but he didn’t let his illness defeat him.

Although Yvon didn’t take to photography he developed and immense talent as an artisan working with wood, leather and other materials. I was really floored by the quality of his wooden toys, wooden trains, trucks, backhoes and trams, puzzles and leather bags and purses. His basement is crammed with intricate tools that he applies in pursuit of his hobby.

It was difficult to leave as there were still so many stories to tell from our lives over the 42 years since we were students at Oakwood Collegiate in Toronto. But we both live in the North now and though I am in Timmins 400 km to the north of Sudbury, I will be returning to Sudbury frequently and I will be sure to stop by and visit Yvon,the friend who gave me the Asahi Pentax at the low price of $60… a price I insisted I pay.

This February 12, 2015 I will be turning 60 years of age. In March I will be giving my daughter Sophie the Asahi Pentax and the lenses as a birthday gift as she has developed a passion for conventional photograph. I just wanted her to know the story behind this wonderful camera and and the good friend who sold it to me for next to nothing.

And that is my Northern Blog for today. Looking out the window at the snow and cold of Timmins, Ontario while remembering events that happened in the summer or early fall of 1972 at the Bayview Ghost in Toronto forty-two years ago and the generosity of my friend Yvon Dumais.

Revitalized Timmins Voices Features Jessica Trudel and the Premiere of the Timmins Song by Frank Giorno

A revitalized Timmins Voices will be re-launched at Christopher’s Coffee House in Timmins on Wed. January 14, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. featuring Jessica Trudel and the recording of the “Timmins Song” (Timmins’ I’m In).

I hope you can all come out to support Jessica and to join in the recording of the Timmins Song.


Jessica Trudel is a terrific writer and champion of the spoken word as the President of Porcupine Timmins Toastmasters.

Jessica Trudel is a terrific writer and champion of the spoken word as the President of Porcupine Timmins Toastmasters.

Jessica Trudel has been writing stories, poems and essays for as long as she can remember. As a child, she wanted to do a lot of things for a living: veterinarian, architect, photographer… but she always wanted to be a writer “on the side.” It never occurred to her that she could actually ever write for a living. She freelanced as a writer and editor for 10 years before opening her own business, Cursor Communications. Now, she is a professional writer, getting paid to write for a living. It’s been an incredible journey! Now, she’s going to share with you a few of the pieces she’s written along the way.

The Timmins Song could be used for a way of rallying the Timmins community and instill pride, enthusiasm and joy in residents who periodical go through the bumps of the boom and bust cycle that is part and parcel of a natural resource based economy. In the long term the song can also be used to attract visitors to Timmins…the way “I Love New York” was for New York State and New York City.

The newly painted and squeaky clean Timmins Water Tower

The newly painted and squeaky clean Timmins Water Tower

The First Stage is to record a spontaneous and joyous version at the launching of the Timmins Song at the re-launch of Timmins Voices. I have invited Mayor Black,Charlie Angus MP and Gilles Bisson MPP, Michael Doody senior councilor and others to join in. And I am Inviting YOU. The readers of a Northern Blog to come out lend us your voices and enthusiasm to make the recording that much more powerful. I have purchased a professional quality video camera and the final product will look so much sharper with you belting out the words to the Timmins Song.

The Second Phase will be to sing the song at a Timmins Council meeting in the Council Chamber. The Third phase will be to choose a date in June or July and encourage as many people in Timmins to meet at Hollinger Park so we can do a massive recording of people of Timmins en masse singing the Timmins Song…Have a mining company loan us a plane to fly over and video tape the mass of Timminites singing the Timmins I’m In Song affectionately called the Timmins Song.

The fourth phase will be to record Timmins Born celebrities to sing the chorus including: asking Shania Twain, Frank Mahovolich, Peter Mahovolich, Steve Sullivan, Derek the comedian fellow, the CEO of Goldcorp, the Grand Chiefs, etc.
The video production will show visuals of all of the many facets that make Timmins a great place to live and work.

Please be sure to attend the re-launching of Timmins Voices on Wednesday Jan.14 2015 at 7:30 Christopher’s Coffee House 35 Pine St. S. Our special guest will be Jessica Trudel. And we will record the Timmins Song that Jeff Baldock and I co-wrote. The song will be video recorded and we want everybody to join us at the front to sing the song while it is being recorded. It will be posted on Timmins Voices facebook, Timmins Voices Youtube..and my own youtube “Giornalisti channel”.

Here are the lyrics for ‘The Timmins Song’ by Giorno/Baldock (The GeeBees). Have Happy New Year…I will be back in Timmins Jan. 2.


I added a verse dealing with the physical attributes of Timmins: Kamaskotia Hill, Kidd CReek mine, McIntyre Head frame in Schumacher, South Porcupine, the Golden Dome mine. I felt this aspect was lacking in the original lyrics which strong on the spiritual. This version is better and all encompassing. Here is the Timmins Song

The McIntyre Mine Headframe in Schumacher

The McIntyre Mine Headframe in Schumacher

The Timmins Song Timmins I’m In) (c)
by Giorno/Baldock (copyright by Giorno and Baldock -“The GeeBees”)

Timmins, I’m In,
through thick and thin….
Together we’ll win!
Timmins I’m In
Are you in Timmins!
Timmins, I’m In

Let the goodtimes begin…
Through the snow and the wind…
Though it be 30 below.
Let your warm heart glow.

Together We Win…
Timmins I’m In
Through Thick and the Thin.
Timmins I’m In.

Through the good and the bad,
From the joyous to the sad…
The race is not to the swift
Nor the battle to the strong
Though the load it is heavy
Though the road it is long

Together we win
Timmins I’m In…
Together we win..
I’m in Timmins..
Through the thick and thin.

From the Hill of Kamaskotia
To the depths of Kidd Creek Mine
From the Schumacher Head Frame
To the South Porcupine
From the shine of the golden Dome
Timmins is my home

Timmins I’m In
Are you in Timmins?
Response: Alright…yea…
Rock on Timmins…
Together, Timmins We win..
We’re in Timmins

The City with a heart of Gold.
Despite the snow and the Cold.
Together we’ll win
Timmins We’re in
Together Timmins we win

Hope you print off a copy of the Timmins Song…gather with your friends and practice at home and then Join In the Revitalized Timmins Voices to cheer on Jessica Trudel and join in the recording of the premiere of the Timmins Song.

I’m In Timmins!


Happy New Years see you all on Friday January 2, 2015

Mayor Ford’s Job Is to be an Ambassador for Toronto, Represent Toronto and Bring the Best Face of Toronto Forward to the World

Well bully boy, Mayor Rob Ford after months of lying…what is it with Conservatives and lying??…it is almost a requirement to be a liar in order to be a Conservative; anyway Rob Ford finally has admitted what everyone who has any sense of the man’s history knew was the case right from the start. Mayor Ford is a troubled man, a bully, but like most bullies, his behaviour is deeply rooted in his dysfunctional life.

But there is a chance for Mayor Ford to save himself and to blaze a trail for other substance abusers to follow…if he does the right thing and resigns to seek treatment Rob Ford will have performed his best feat while in public service. His actions will tell all other deniers that it is OK to get treatment.

What is it about Rob Ford? Well, he is a spoiled brat, son of privilege who grew up and became an unrelenting bully who has favoured cutting spending to programs designed to assist the poor and the needy. It is so easy for a wealthy man to advocate small government and deep spending cuts. It is easy for Mayor Ford with his hundreds of millions that he inherited from his father’s fortune can live with small government. Many of us do not have the luck of being born into such a wealthy family. We look to our services to help us

His daddy the late Doug Ford Snr. built up an empire in the fashion label industry called Deco Label which is worth about $100 million dollars a year in sales. .  Neither Rob or his equally ne’er do well older brother Doug Ford Jr. have actually done anything worthwhile in their lives that doesn’t involve Deco Labels.

It seems that the two Ford brothers spent their high school years hanging out with drug dealers and thugs like Lino Basso and Alessandro Lisi who are still possibly still supply the Mayor with drugs and or other nefarious services. Lisi has recently been charged with extortion as he tried to recover the tape that Ford said didn’t exist.

Ford wanted to be a professional football player but failed despite his daddy expending thousands, tens of thousands to send Robbie to a special training camp with the Washington Redskin. Actually love of NFL football is something the Mayor and I have in common. I too love football and played football for the Oakwood Collegiate Barons in the early 1970s. Ford went to Carelton University but he never finished his undergraduate degree.

He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Florida in 1999.In 2006 while he was a Councillor, he was drunk and disorderly at a Toronto Maple Leaf game and in a familiar pattern of lies and deceptions strenuously lied and denied he was even at the game. He attacked the Toronto Star for picking on him. But later in the week he fessed up…the media reports were right. Yes it was he and he apologized for his behaviour. After he was elected Mayor his behaviour changed for the worst…more and more reports of drunken excesses at the Garrison reception at Fort York; while strolling down Greektown during Taste of the Danforth and then infamous video of him smoking crack. Perhaps it is the unbearable pressure of being Mayor of Toronto. But Rob Ford has deteriorated and been embolden in his substance abuse. I believe Mayor can no longer effectively be the Mayor of Toronto. From my days studying municipal politics at York University I know that Toronto has a weak mayor system. That means the Mayor has only one vote and his leadership is based on his ability to work with council and lead by persuasion. The position is also largely ceremonial. The Mayor is the face and soul of Toronto. His prestige and reputation are vital for him or her to lead trade delegations, receive distinguished guests to Toronto and speak on behalf of the city at various national and international forums. Mayor Ford may be partially right that he was elected to do a job…cut government. In this he is a “one trick pony” that is his only schtick…but it is not his only duty as Mayor. If Rob Ford was to be given a job appraisal he would be found unfit to continue as Mayor. Ford cannot fulfill his role as Mayor as described above.

Help Mayor Rob Ford leave the office of Mayor with dignity, before the police come in the middle of the day and arrest him from breaking the Criminal Code of Canada….Please go to this site and urge Mayor Ford to resign and get help…

Here is what I said to Mayor Rob Ford in my email to the Mayor’s Office.
Hey Mayor Ford…. Check out this video by the Eagles who are playing in Toronto…I hope they play Lyin’ Eyes…because Mayor Ford you definitely have Lyin’ the right thing sir…resign get help take care of your own a company worth $100 Million dollars…you don’t need politics and we certainly don’t need your sullied the right thing leave go to rehab and maybe come back and run for MPP in Etobicrack Centre… I lived in Toronto for 52 years the last 10 at Tiffany Place on the corner of Wincott and Dixon. I was on the board of director of our condo board….we dealt with the crud of drug dealers in the four sisters across the street at 320, 340, 360 and 380 Dixon…I had no idea your pals were among the drug dealers who caused so much mayhem in my old Neigbourhood..who knew? and the dry cleaner at the Wincott Plaza?? I never would have guessed he was dealing dope too….so I do not have much respect for you as a politician and drug abuser/alcohol abuser..but as a human being I am ready to support and embrace your effort to do the right thing and resign and get treatment… you likely will be charged with a criminal offense because smoking crack cocaine is a violation of our Criminal Code. The police investigation may also uncover other crimes you may have committed during those envelope exchanges with Alessandro you want to be in office when that hammer comes down?…hey listen resign…come up north to Timmins…the air is good up here…there is a lot of natural beauty and some good rehab centres like Jubilee Centre and others…if you are interested here is an overview of the services the Jubilee Centre provides.

“Jubilee Centre Timmins, Ontario

Welcome to the website of the Jubilee Centre in Timmins, Ontario where we motivate optimal lifestyles. Our substance abuse & concurrent disorders treatment centre offers many programs and services with a strong focus on concurrent disorders.

The residential program is a 23 day long and is offered to clients sixteen years and older who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.

The day treatment is a community program which is approximately 16 days in length, spread over a 23 day period. This program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.

The maintenance program is held once a week for ten weeks. The program is open ended therefore clients can enter at any time. The program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who have completed a residential, day or any community treatment program.

The safe bed program is a short-term residential crisis support service which includes crisis support, case management, supportive housing and court support. This service is offerered to clients sixteen years and older who are developing unstable addictions, concurrent disorders, mental health symptoms (ie: relapse/crisis episode) who may also have come into conflict with the law.”

Mayor Ford I wish you would do the right thing…you can be a role model for many people out there who are struggling with similar substance abuse issues…you can get involved and be a proud leader of recovery and rehabilitation.

I will stand by you….and so will the community.

But if you keep on clinging to that disgraced mayor of San Diego you will humiliated unmercifully in public, on TV, on the web and in private discourse…thing of what all this is doing to your family…resign. Do the right thing.

Do the right..get help call the Jubilee Centre or some other rehab facility be a leader make a difference…

My prayers are with you Mayor Ford. May you go to rehab. Please, please do not follow the sad tragic path of the late Amy Winehouse who sang that she would never go to rehab….please Mayor Ford go to Rehab and make your family and Toronto proud of you.

Frank Giorno
formerly of Tiffany Place,11 Wincott Dr. #204 Etobicoke,Image Ontario
presently 18 Grant St. Timmins P0N 1G0