Political Commentary: “You reap what you sow – Trump sows disrespect and hatred; What! We should respect him! LOL. Get real.”


Speaking on CNN, Paris Dennard, a paid Trump strategist, said the media and people in general have to show Trump more respect. Problem is Trump spews disrespect and hatred to others with ever word he utters. Its hard to respect a man who has built a political career on disrespecting, name-calling and inciting violence against opponents. You reap what you sow.

Yesterday, CNN had a panel discussion, where political commentator Paul Begala trashed Trump, calling him “a big needy baby” among other things.

Paris Dennard, a Trump strategist on the panel, just made me howl with laughter, when he chided Begala, and all anti-Trumpers for showing a lack of respect for President Donald J. Trump.
LOL…show Trump respect? Come on Paris! I know Trumpenstein pays you to be his ass kisser, but really don’t you think Trump started disrespecting others before the others fought back and disrespected him?
Trumper has made his entire career as a belated politician heaping nothing but scorn and disrespect to President Barack Obama starting immediately after Obama won the presidency in 2008.
I don’t believe President Obama ever did anything to deserve the disrespect shown by this ignorant buffoon named Trump.
Ever hear of Trump leading the birther movement? What greater disrespect could Trump throw at President Obama than to declare he was not really an American, and that he might even by a Muslim, even though America was built on religious freedom.
Ever hear the “Lock her up ” chants at his rallies?
Ever hear Trump call Madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary?”
There is a saying in Christianity, “You reap what you sow.”
Trump has sown fields, after fields of disrespect and incited violence against a protester in Louisville, where now, even one of Trumps own supporters now wants Trump to pay for his fines and penalties and legal costs, because he said he never would have assaulted the protesting woman if not told to do so by Trump.
Paris Dennard, you have the gall to chide Paul Begala, and insist we all must respect this man, who only sows disrespect.
Go talk to your minister Dennard, I think you are missing a very basic and crucial truth about life.
Trump has disrespected hardworking men and women in the US Civil service, calling them the swamp. Only to hire his own gang of Wall Street thugs.
He has made fun of a journalist with a disease and mimicked him for laughs.
He ridiculed the family of an American soldier who died in Iraq.
He has disrespected Americans of the Islamic faith with calls for an Islamic ban on immigrants. He has called people of  Mexican origin murderers and rapists – bad hombres.
He has disrespected the American media and started first to bash them because it played well with his base, base, really base supporters.
He has called the media the enemy while blowing loving kisses to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
He disrespects U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and America’s First Nations by calling her  “Pocahontas!”. This is being respectful????? A double disrespect in one hate-drenched phrase.
He wrongly accuses President Obama of having wiretapped him, a claim that FBI head James Covey said is wrong and unsupported by the facts.
Frankly, I can see now why Melania looked so unhappy that moment during the inauguration.
So please Mr. Paris Dennard, spare us your lecture about respecting Trumpster and pay attention to what your boss is doing to America.
You can start by removing you lips from Trump’s ass.
If you did so, you would see more clearly what a disrespectful man, and hate filled man your boss truly is, and why it is important for all Americans, and American allies to treat him with the utmost contempt and disrespect he is treating others.
That is all Trumper ever shows people, even his allies like Canada….disrespect, bullying and ignorance.
Look at his language in raging against Canada’s dairy industry and NAFTA. 
Christ said treat people they way you want to be treated.
Paris, Trump disrespects people, and what do you expect, they should respect him.
Get real Dennard!
Listen to Aretha Franklin, and maybe, just maybe, you can learn about RESPECT!

“Shadowy Mexican Underground Guerilla Leader Francisco Mario y Miguel Diaz Mocks Trumps Wall Proposal…we will simply dig tunnels!”

Saying Mexican Prostitutes, Drug Dealers, Murderers and Exploited Hotel and Casino Workers will Simply Tunnel their Way to poor paying jobs in the United States, Miguel Diaz laughed his trademark high pitched hyena laugh, before turning to his notorious Harvard educated translator Pedro dos Papagallos.

In a rare communique shadowy Mexican Underground guerilla leader Francisco Mario y Miguel Diaz mocked Donald Trump’s policy of building a wall along the border with the United States.

Through dos Papagallos, Miguel Diaz said:

“Wall? No stinking wall is going to keep us Mexicans from coming into los Estados Unidos de los Americas (United States of America). Pui.. I spit in Trumpones’ face.” declared Miquel Diaz.

Speaking in Mexican Miquel Diaz continued: “Este Trumpone ‘ee eees mui loco eef, eee teenks a steeenking muro donde este lo salle dos banos…can keeping usted froma deeeging di mundo’s mucho profundo tunnel eento Los Estados Unidos,” Miquel Diaz boasted laughing maniacally.

Speaking dos Papagallos, Miquel Diaz added, ” With all due respect Mr. Trump may go ahead and build his wall, Indeed he should build it all the way to Uranus, a place I am sure he is well acquainted with.”

The dos Papagallos  continued after listening intently to a 15 minute rant by Miquel Diaz : “Shirley, and I do mean Shirley (his El Paso Texas, girlfriend, narco-hooker, revolutionary, and drug dealer and all round bad Mexican) –

” If Trump is intent on building this wall let him spend his own billions and not bankrupt the decent hard working taxpayers of America…because while he is building his wall we will be tunnelling 10,000 ft below ground. One thing we Mexicans can stand is the extreme heat of hell.”

“And once the wall is built we Mexicans will come in even greater numbers to spite his ugly Gringo face…stupid Bianqui!” sneered Miguel Diaz in contempt through his translator. “We will flood through many underground highways from hell to bring drugs, prostitutes, and exploited hotel and casino workers employed by Trump him self.”

Neither Trump nor any member of his campaign cared to comment, However, in a news release issued later Trump’s campaign chair Bozo the Clown said if the Mexicans plan on building a tunnel to the US — well we will just have to build the wall a little higher.”

"If Miguel Diaz wants to build tunnels, well we just have to build our wall a little higher," said Trump's Campaign Manager Bozo the Clown.

“If Miguel Diaz wants to build tunnels, well we just have to build our wall a little higher,” said Trump’s Campaign Manager Bozo the Clown.

Hillary Clinton rolling her eyes once more said. “Yes, Miguel Diaz is right on, he has a point,” she said. ” Trump is elected and he builds his wall the Mexicans will just dig so many tunnels the Texas border will look like cheese cloth.”

And as mysteriously as Francisco Mario y Miquel Diaz made his appearance he disappeared into the vast Mexican underground.

But before he vanished into the ether the gathered reporters heard a cackling laugh and a sneering voice say in Mexican .. ” Trump ee ees mucho absolulement loco…no steeeenking muro keep Chicanos away. hahahahahahhha we fabricados unos profundo tunnelos dos los diablos….hahahahahahahah.”

And he was gone.

Has Daffy Donald’s bozo wall idea finally come tumbling down?

Here is Fake News’ wall expert John Cougar Mellencamp to give you his musical answer, John over to you.