Trump’s loss-victory is a pyrrhic victory by Frank Giorno: A Northern Blog – The world seen through northern eyes


Donald Trump, America’s political cannibal will have plenty of sharpened knives coming after him over the next four years. His loss-victory is a pyrrhic victory. It comes with too great a cost for Trump. He has angered and enraged too making Americans. His four years will be a constant series of scandals and defeats.

Donald Trump has won a pyrrhic victory.

So he won the presidency of the United States.

Big deal…he actually lost.

A pyrrhic is a victory or goal achieved at too great a cost. Remember this term when thinking about Donald Trump’s so called victory.

In another country, but the undemocratic United States, Donald Trump would have lost hands down.

So Trump’s loss-victory has come at too great a cost for him. His lack of release of information on his income tax returns will haunt him. Don’t think for a minute the media will let up on this.

What dirty secret is Trump hiding? Why won’t he just release his tax info if he has nothing to hide?

And though Wikileaker Julian Assange, with two outstanding sexual assault charges against him, has cozied up to Trump, while holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London; that is not to say other cyber leakers won’t gladly hack away until they release the juiciest tidbit secret info out there for hackers to chomp on.

Trumps unusually close relationship with Russian Billionaire Dictator Vladimir “No Disputin'” Putin will hound him and come back to bite Trump in the ass.

Already Republican Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina is calling for a senate investigation into the meddling of Russia in the US election.

Graham-080106-18270- 0035

Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has called for a Senate investigation into Russia’s incursion into the recent American election. Official Senate Photo

Trump’s lies to the American working class will strangle him…he promised extremely rich people at a recent dinner at Club 21 in New York they will get major tax cuts.

Folks you cannot give your pals in the Establishment on Wall Street and still implement a $1 Trillion infrastructure program promised by Trump without bankrupting the US….come to think of it…Trump will do very well bankrupting the US treasury, he has had six already…what is a seventh, eh.

Trump already starts out in a hole. He has has 2 million less supporters the winner-loser Hillary Clinton. That is like starting in a trench to begin his administration. He is going to have to work like the dickens just to get to ground level with Americans.

Also Trump has hitched his horse to the worst aspects of American society elements that have been thoroughly trounced and rejected in the US since at least the Mid-1950s…I am talking about racists in the KKK, his chief advisor Steven Bannon the guru of the alt.right conspiracy; anti-semitic rants at home though conflictingly pro-Israel won’t fool the US Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

His anti-women stance astonishingly garnered him the support of 53 percent of fearful white women. He actually did better with women than straight-laced Mits Romney.

But when things settle down and all the hate talk dissipates some of these white women will recall his grab them by the pussy remark wonder why they voted for that pig.


Trump’s admiration for Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke won’t win him many converts to make up for the 2 million vote deficit he will be starting with on the dawn of his presidency.

His anti-immigration, anti- Mexican, anti- Muslim stance cost him votes in this election and will lose him more in the future.

Now that Trump is the president he will become the focus of major leaks about his taxes, his lawsuits, his conflict of interests, the depth of his own personal foreign indebtedness.

The first major challenge for Trump will be the fraud lawsuits pertaining to Trump University later this month.

With so many problems in his personal finances why would this megalomaniac Trump want to be president.

The knives are already poised to rip Trump apart and the pyrrhic victory is all he can claim.

He has antagonized too many people including senior Republican Party Officials who will not bow down to this cretin despite his loss-victory in the election.

Many of his challengers that he so brutally eviscerated during the Republican Primaries will be among the first to take the first stabs at Donald.

… except for Senator Ted Cruz, whose sucking up to Trump after Trump thoroughly humiliated him, his wife and his family is a classic case of political masochism.

President Trump is ripe for the picking.

As the Rolling Stones sang Let it Bleed.

Ah, But Ain’t That America!

Recent killing of 9 innocent people at a Church Prayer group will do little to curb enthusiasm for free access to guns in America.      Photo courtesy of ABC News

Recent killing of 9 innocent people at a Church Prayer group will do little to curb enthusiasm for free access to guns in America. Photo courtesy of ABC News

The recent mass gun deaths of 9 Black Americans, who were shot to death as they prayed, by a White Judas who sat among them as a guest before opening fire, is as disturbing as the mass slaying 20 children who were killed in their classrooms at Sandy Hook. And as disturbing as the slaughter of the 12 or  moving goers in Aurora, Colorado.

More disturbing is how the National Rifle Association and demented Republicans still will vote against even the most basic gun ownership restrictions. As disturbing is the seeming paralysis for a nation to prevent these tragic occurrences by place even the most basic restrictions on gun ownership.

2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Shooting. Thirteen high school students were killed in that 1999 shooting. In 2008 32 students were shot to death at Virginia Tech. In 2013 20 students were shot to death at Sandy Hook elementary. And now 9 members of a prayer group were killed in their very own church by a person who came as a guest.

Ah but ain’t that America.

Let’s hope Harper doesn’t turn Canada into a replica of the gun-mad country to our South.

Ah but guns don’t kill people..people kill people.

What a stupid slogan to support the proliferation of gun ownership…no a gun on its own doesn’t kill people except in that fantasy finale of Breaking Bad where the AK 47 tips and automatically sprays bullets killing dozens of bad guys.

In real life anyone can go to a gun store or a flea market buy a gun no questions asked and do with it what they please including killing many innocent people if they so choose.

Here is the point – guns make people who want to kill able kill more deadly and efficiently and take the lives and freedom away from innocent children and people at pray.

America! What is more precious to you? The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom? Or the right to carry a gun a take away people’s freedoms for ever?

Hey atomic bombs don’t kill people…people drop atomic bombs to kill people. What is the difference? Atomic bombs and guns kill more efficiently and deadly than kitchen knives.

You might as well say cars don’t kill people, people kill people.

But, Drivers are licensed and car ownership permits are required, insurance too. In America any lunatic can get a gun and kill with motive and determination. When cars collide we call that an accident…when 20 school children are mowed down with grim determination and 9 people at prayer are mowed down in a Church while praying….well we call that AMERICA home of the free to kill who you want and anytime you want.

Ah but Ain’t that America automatic weapons designed to kill you and me.

Ah but Ain’t that America undetected handguns to set you up on your very own killing spree

Ah but Ain’t that America thank you NRA for all the people you are going to kill today.

Here is a list of post- Columbine mass shootings between 1999 and 2012. Add the 28 people, 20 of them Children, in Newtown Connecticut and the Charleston Church shooting to that list.

People who support restrictions on gun ownership and purchases should raise funds to build a memorial to all victims of gun violence. The memorial should be modular and can grow as more victims are killed by guns annually.

The monument should be located in some strategic location that brings it to the attention of Americans and the world.

An annual day of mourning for victims of gun murders should be held and gatherings organized after each future American gun massacre.

Perhaps that will hit the message home.

America needs restrictions on who can buy guns. It’s clear from the last twenty years some people should not have the right to own guns. Previous history of violence, uttering threats and mental illness could be three factors for refusing to sell weapons to an individual.

Remember in all democratic countries freedom comes with responsibility. There is the freedom to own guns, but that must be weighed against the freedom from being killed by a gun.

It’s really that simple.